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COVID-19 Reopening Guidance for SADC Providers

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From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in Westchester


  • All the numbers are dramatically down.   


  • Westchester, Rockland, Hudson Valley enter Phase 2 today.
  • Metro North is taking unprecedented steps to ensure the safety of passengers.
  • Masks are mandatory when riding the subway.
  • Long Island enters Phase 2 tomorrow.
  • LIRR is “ready to go.” 


  • There continues to be hotspots in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.
  • Now over 800 testing sites in NYS.
  • Sean Penn, Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) Co-Founder has helped establish 11 new testing sites in hotspot areas. 


  • Day to day testing is informative.
  • NYS performs 50,000 tests each day.
  • New dashboard for citizens and elected officials reflecting the percentage of positives tests per day.
  • If these numbers start to move, you want to know right away why and how.
  • Numbers are available by region and by county. 


  • Guidance has been released for Phase 3 industries (not yet open in NYS):
    - Restaurants/Food Services
    - Personal Care Services  

 To view guidance: https://forward.ny.gov/phase-three-industries

6/8/20 Updates 
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in New York City 


  • All the numbers are headed in the right direction. 


  • NYC opened today for Phase 1.
  • Reopened NYC based on the facts.
  • Westchester and Rockland will enter Phase 2 tomorrow. 
  • Long Island will enter Phase 2 on Wednesday.
  • If we follow guidelines, there shouldn’t be a spike in NYC. 


  • Keeping an eye on what happens in NYC due to protests. 35,000 tests will be performed each day.
  • There are 15 testing sites for protesters across NYC.
  • Over 58,000 tests were performed on Sunday with the lowest positive test cases (1.2%).
  • Focusing on hotspots in NYC by zip code.
  • For a test in NYC: coronavirus.health.ny.gov 


  • Elective surgeries and ambulatory care will begin in NYC.
  • Extending the deadline to apply for property tax abatements for small businesses by 90 days. 


  • The MTA is continuing to disinfect trains.
  • Launching the “It’s Up to Us” campaign to remind New Yorkers to do their part in stopping the spread.
  • The State is accelerating various MTA capital projects.

The Governor's Office also issued the following Executive Orders:

Executive Order 202.39


  • Extends absentee ballots for school board elections to June 16.
  • Exempts school districts from completing annual professional performance reviews of personnel.

Executive Order 202.38


  • Allows commercial building owners, retail store owners to mandate temperature checks of individuals prior to entering.
  • Allows for restaurants and bars to serve patrons outdoors.
  • Allows houses of worship to operate indoors at 25% capacity.
  • Allows restaurants and bars to expand their outdoor premises. 

Executive Order 202.37


  • Allows special education services to be provided in person for the summer term. 

Executive Order 202.36


  • Allows for barber shops and hair salons to open in Phase 2.
  • Allows for auto racetracks to open.
  • Allows for outdoor low risk recreational activities to resume in Phase 1 as determined by ESD. 

Executive Order 202.35


  • Allows for Phase 2 industries to resume for the following regions: Finger Lakes, Central NY, Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier and the North Country.  

6/7/20 Updates 
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing from the Red Room of the New York State Capitol


  • Hospitalizations are down—all the numbers are headed in the right direction.
  • 45 new fatalities over the last 24 hours; up slightly.   


  • 60,435 tests were performed in NYS yesterday.
  • 781 positives (lowest since March 16).
  • The State will conduct 35,000 tests per day in NYC to monitor the infection rate considering the many protests.
  • Testing sites will increase to 225.
  • 15 dedicated testing sites for protestors only.
  • The Governor reiterated that all protestors should assume they have been exposed and get a test. 


  • Reopening is calibrated to the metrics and data.
  • Hudson Valley is on track for Phase 2 on Tuesday.
  • Long Island is on track for Phase 2 on Wednesday.
  • NYC will begin Phase 1 tomorrow, June 8.
  • California and Florida are among states that have reopened and seen an increase in the numbers of positive cases.
  • We need to reopen smartly. 


  • Allowed beginning June 26. Must be outdoor and socially distanced. Up to 150 people total.   


  • NYS will light all State landmarks in blue and gold to celebrate flattening the curve.

6/6/20 Updates 
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing from the Red Room of the New York State Capitol


  • Hospitalizations are down.
  • 35 new fatalities over the last 24 hours. 


  • Temples, mosques and churches will be allowed to open at 25% occupancy for indoor services effective immediately. 


  • Virus can linger in the air for 3 hours.
  • Surfaces are less important.
  • Children may be affected.
  • Masks are more important. 
  • NYS will prosecute statewide price gouging on PPE via Executive Order.
  • Allowing commercial buildings the right to take the temperature of people entering. 


  • Positive COVID cases have dropped from 57% to 2%.
  • The MTA will open with disinfected train cars.

6/5/20 Updates 
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing from the Red Room of the New York State Capitol


  • Hospitalizations are down; lowest number to date.
  • 42 new fatalities over the last 24 hours (lowest number since COVID started).
  • 8 weeks ago, we had 800 deaths.
  • People radically changed the way they behaved.   


  • 4 Cornerstones of NYS “Say Their Names” criminal justice package:
    - Transparency of prior disciplinary records (50-a).
    - Ban chokeholds.
    - False race-based 911 reports should be a hate crime in NYS.
    - Codify attorney general as independent prosecutor for police murders.
  • People are focused and have a plan, and that’s when social change happens. 


  • This is a local decision. Police need to protect the public but also deal with the looters.
  • Curfews are designed to let police be in a position where they can stop the looting.

6/4/20 Updates 
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing from the Red Room of the New York State Capitol


  • Hospitalizations are down.   
  • 52 new fatalities over the last 24 hours.
  • NYS conducts an average of 50,000 tests per day. 


  • The Governor announced a statewide moment of silence for George Floyd at 2:00 p.m. to coincide with the start of the Minnesota Memorial service. 


  • The Governor expressed concern that protesters would compound COVID-19.
  • The State will expand testing criteria to all individuals who have joined recent protests.
  • To obtain a test: www.coronavirus.health.ny.gov.
  • Wear a mask when protesting.
  • Outdoor dining included in Phase 2 opening.
  • Outdoor tables must be spaced six feet apart, staff and customers must wear face masks.
  • NYS will allow drive-in and drive-thru student graduations. 


  • The Governor is directing insurers to expedite claims for looted businesses, provide free mediation of disputes, and accept photos as reasonable proof of loss so businesses don't have to wait for police reports.
  • Visit www.dfs.ny.gov for insurance company issues.

6/3/20 Updates 
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing from the Red Room of the New York State Capitol


  • Hospitalizations are at their lowest ever. 
  • 49 new fatalities over the last 24 hours.


  • Restaurants in the parts of New York that have entered Phase 2 of the reopening process can start offering outdoor dining on Thursday
  • Dining will come with certain rules: “Outdoor tables must be spaced six feet apart, all staff must wear face coverings and customers must also wear face coverings when not seated,” said a release from the Governor's Office.

6/2/20 Updates 
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing from the Red Room of the New York State Capitol


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down. 
  • 58 new fatalities over the last 24 hours. 


  • Western NY entered Phase 2 today.
  • The Capital Region is slated to enter Phase 2 tomorrow, Wednesday, June 3.
  • NYC is planning to begin Phase 1 on June 8.
  • Summer camps can open on June 29.
  • No decision yet on sleepover Summer camps.

6/1/20 Updates
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in New York City


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down. 
  • 54 new fatalities over the last 24 hours. 


  • 5 regions in Upstate NY have begun Phase 2 of reopening.
  • Western NY is expected to begin Phase 2 tomorrow. The Governor will make an announcement later today on Phase 2 for Western NY.
  • The Capital Region is slated to enter Phase 2 on Wednesday, June 3.
  • NYC is planning to begin Phase 1 on June 8.

5/31/20 Updates
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing from the Red Room of the New York State Capitol

Due to the protests, there is nothing to report from today’s briefing aside from:


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down.
  • 56 new fatalities over the last 24 hours.

5/30/20 Updates
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in the Bronx


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down. 
  • 67 new fatalities over the last 24 hours (same as yesterday). 


  • Capital Region and Western NY may enter Phase 2 next week if they meet the Phase 2 reopening metrics.
  • 5 regions have begun Phase 2.
  • NYC will open on June 8. There is a lot of work to do between now and June 8. 


  • The State will focus on 10 hotspots in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens (largely the outer boroughs) identified through testing.
  • The hotspots are largely minority communities.
  • Today, NYS is adding 10 more testing sites, one in each hotspot zip code.
  • NYS will partner with Northwell Health to develop better healthcare connections.
  • We must address the inequity in healthcare across the nation. 


  • Governor Cuomo signed a bill at the press conference giving death benefits to all the frontline workers.

5/29/20 Updates
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing at Iona College


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down. 
  • 67 new fatalities over the last 24 hours (same as yesterday). 


  • 5 regions will now begin entering Phase 2. Regions include Finger Lakes, North Country, Central New York, Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier. 

Office-Based Jobs:

  • Professional Services
  • Administrative Support
  • Information Technology


  • In-Store Shopping
  • Rental, Repair, and Cleaning
  • Barbershops and Hair Salons (Limited Services)
  • Motor Vehicle Leasing, Rental, and Sales 

Real Estate Services:

  • Building and Property Management
  • Leasing, Rental, and Sales Services 


  • On track to reopen Phase 1 on June 8.
  • The State will focus on hotspots in NYC.
  • 400,000 workers will enter the workforce in Phase 1. 

From Mayor DeBlasio (Joined Virtually): 

  • NYC aims to be below 15% of positive COVID tests, only 5% tested positive.
  • The Mayor stated that of the 375 threshold of COVID patients, 40 are able to be moved to another facility for treatment.
  • A hotline will be utilized for business owners who have questions.

The Governor's Office also released another Executive Order.

Executive Order 202.34


  • Extends Phase 1 and holds off on what would have been Phase 2 for the Finger Lakes, Mohawk Valley, Central NY, and Southern Tier Regions.
  • This E.O. extends to June 27.   

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in Brooklyn:


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down. 
  • 74 new fatalities over the last 24 hours (same as yesterday). 


  • NYS is focused on reopening NYC.
  • Reopening rules and metrics apply to NYC as well as all the other regions.
  • NYC has yet to hit Phase 1.
  • NYC needs to make more progress on contact tracing.
  • Public transportation needs to be safe, clean and not overcrowded.
  • The State will focus on NYC hotspots.
  • NYS is partnering with Northwell health to bring more healthcare services to impacted communities.
  • 225 testing sites in NYC. Many of the sites are underused.
  • To get a test: coronavirus.health.ny.gov
  • NYS has delivered more than 8 million masks across NYC.
  • Governor Cuomo is signing an Executive Order today authorizing businesses to deny entry to people who do not wear a mask or face-covering. 


  • The Governor reiterated the need for funding for the states and localities.
  • Financial relief shortchanged NY in previous bills.
  • Revitalize the economy when reopening.
  • Stop corporate layoffs. 


  • Rosie Perez and Chris Rock are working with Governor Cuomo on the “Wear A Mask” campaign. 

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in Washington, D.C.


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down. 
  • 74 new fatalities over the last 24 hours (up slightly from yesterday). 


  • 9 regions are already in Phase 1 of reopening.
  • NYC is the only region that has not begun to reopen.
  • The Governor stated that Federal funding is needed for states and localities.
  • The Governor urged the Federal government to do the right thing and include funding in an additional bill for “all Americans.” 


  • Today's conversation focused on receiving federal approval for numerous projects, including the creation of new tunnels for Amtrak access to the Northeast.
  • Governor Cuomo stated he believes the President is not focused on party politics, but rather wants to focus on stimulating the national economy.
  • The Governor stated that Congress should not leave Washington D.C. until they pass a bill that includes funding for states and localities.

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in Albany


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down. 
  • 73 new fatalities over the last 24 hours. 


  • Mid-Hudson Region opens today.
  • Long Island will open tomorrow.
  • NYC is not ready for Phase 1. The Governor will look at specific data in NYC to determine which areas are hit hardest by COVID.
  • The focus now is on getting NYC ready to reopen.
  • The State will fast-track the new Empire Station at Penn as well as construction of the new LaGuardia Arport.
  • The Governor stated that other projects can be done with the help of the Federal government.
  • Governor Cuomo announced that he will travel to Washington DC tomorrow to meet with President.

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing from the Executive Mansion in Albany


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down.  

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 22,485 (84 New) 


  • Mid-Hudson needs more contact tracers before they can begin Phase 1; may reopen Tuesday.
  • Long Island could open by Wednesday.
  • 2 weeks between phases is the rule of thumb, but not a hard and fast number. We are watching the numbers.  


  • The CDC estimates 35% of COVID patients don't have symptoms.
  • NYS will partner with AdvantageCare health for 15 new testing sites downstate.

5/22/2020 DAILY UPDATE
From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in New York City


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down.  

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 22,401 (109 new)



  • Reopen as fast as you can as long as it is safe
  • If deaths continue to decrease and tracing is online, Long Island and Mid-Hudson will be eligible to reopen next week
  • Construction staging will be permitted in anticipation of Phase 1
  • NYS today is launching a new pilot program with 52 independent pharmacies to conduct 7,000 tests per day
  • NYS has 750 testing sites
  • If you have symptoms, get a test: coronavirus.health.ny.gov.


  • Contact tracing is underway in 7 regions
  • NYS will develop an online contact tracing curriculum in conjunction with Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bloomberg public health
  • NY will share online curriculum with the National Governors Association.


  • Small business is a priority
  • Economists project that more than 100,000 small businesses have shut down permanently due to COVID
  • NY is starting a small business relief program, working with private banks. $100 million is available
  • NY will prioritize minority and women-owned businesses and focus on businesses with 20 or fewer employees and less than $3 million in gross revenues
  • To apply: esd.ny.gov/nyforwardloans


  • Wearing a mask is mandatory when you cannot socially distance
  • The winning “wear a mask in public” video will be selected May 25 and used as a PSA.

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in New York City


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down.  

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 22,292 (105 New) 


  • Rockland County is now eligible for elective surgeries and ambulatory care. 


  • Essential workers/frontline workers have a lower percentage of positive antibody cases than the general population.
  • The Governor reinforced the importance of wearing a mask.
  • To report an employer who is not following guidelines/precautions call 1-888-364-3065. 


  • A person who tests positive, a tracer will call you if you have been in contact with the positive individual.
  • “NYS Contact Tracing” will appear on your phone if you are receiving a call from “NYS Contact Tracing.” 


  • NYS will extend the sales tax filing to June 22. 


  • NYS adopted a statewide policy on schools.
  • 13 countries have reported cases.
  • 25 states and Washington D.C. have reported cases.
  • The facts have changed regarding schools.
  • There will be summer school with remote learning.
  • It is too early to make a determination regarding school in the Fall.
  • We need to learn more about the COVID-related illness.
  • The State will issue guidelines in June so schools and colleges can start to make a plan.
  • Plans will be reviewed by the State in July (approve or not). 


  • Beaches on Long Island will open 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. for swimming.
    • Beaches include: Jones Beach, Sunken Meadow, Hither Hills, Robert Moses.
    • Lake Welch Beach (Harriman State Park) will be open for swimming 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
  • RULES: beaches are limited to 50% capacity. Beaches may reach this capacity by 10:00 a.m. no group contact, masks need to be worn when unable to socially distance. No concessions. 


  • The State has not decided on Summer camps.
  • On NYS Budget cuts, the Governor stated we will have to see what Washington does, otherwise you know the equation…20% cuts.
  • The Governor maintained that the State is on the “same page” as NYC/Mayor DeBlasio.

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing from the Red Room of the New York State Capitol


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down.  

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 22,187 (112 New) 


  • Thursday, May 21: religious gatherings of no more than 10 will be allowed.
  • Drive-in services will be available as well.
  • An “Interfaith Advisory Council” has been formed to discuss proposals to bring back religious services in full. 


  • We are seeing increased numbers in poor minority communities.
  • Antibody test results in NYC church sites:
    • 8,000 tests were held
    • 27% of individuals tested positive
    • The Bronx had the highest percentage of positive tests: 34%
    • Data shows high community spread in NYC.
  • NY will implement targeted strategies, doubling the amount of testing sites to 44 churches. SOMOS will open 28 additional testing sites.
  • The State will expand testing in public housing. 


  • The Governor launched a campaign on May 5th to highlight the importance of wearing a mask. Five finalists were selected.
  • Go to www.wearamask.ny.gov to vote for the best ad. Voting ends May 25.

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing on Long Island


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down.  

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 22,075 (105 New) 


  • Capital Region will begin Phase 1 tomorrow.
  • Phase 1 includes:
    • Construction
    • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting
    • Manufacturing
    • Curbside pickup and drop-off at retail
    • Wholesale trade 


  • Nassau County is eligible for elective surgery and ambulatory services.
  • GNYHA and HANYS are implementing a 2-week pilot program allowing friends and family to visit loved ones in the hospital. 


  • The Governor encouraged sports teams to come up with reopening plans. 


  • The State will allow for ceremonies with 10 people or less; localities can make decisions on whether they want these gatherings.
  • Vehicle parades are appropriate and should be encouraged. 


  • Americans First Law
    • Washington funded businesses and corporations
    • The Governor reinforced the need for Washington to fund state and local governments including hospitals, police, 
        firefighters, schoolteachers and food banks. 


  • FDA is expediting a vaccine.
  • The Governor encouraged pharmaceutical corporations to release rights to provide for immediate and widespread distribution.
  • Vaccine needs to be available to all, not just the rich and privileged. 


  • The Governor stated that the state is investigating 137 cases.
  • The Governor said these infections usually come from home-spread.

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in Buffalo


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down.  

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 21,970 (106 New) 


  • Western NY now meets the reopening benchmarks and will begin Phase 1 tomorrow.
  • The Governor encouraged major sports teams to plan reopening without fans.
  • The numbers need to be continuously monitored
    • 70% hospital beds
    • 70% ICU beds
    • 30 tests per 1,000 residents/month
    • 30 tracers per 100,000 residents
    • An infection rate less than 1.1 per person.
  • Two experts will be advising NY on the data:
    • Dr. Michael T. Osterholm, Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research University of Minnesota
    • Dr. Samir Bhatt, a senior lecturer at Imperial College, London. 


  • The top priority is protecting nursing home residents and seniors.
  • All staff must be tested twice per week.
  • NY is connecting facilities to nursing homes. These facilities have reserved 35,000 tests per day.
  • The state is sending 320,000 testing kits to nursing homes today.

5/17/20 Updates 
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing from the Red Room at the NYS Capitol 


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down.  
  • TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 21,864 (139 New) 


  • The Capital Region and Western NY meet 6 out of 7 reopening criteria. Both regions must meet the testing and tracing capacity.
  • The Governor will speak with Regional leaders today to discuss tracing. 


  • The Governor stated that NY is testing more than any other state with over 700 sites.
  • NYS will partner with CVS for additional testing.
  • Governor Cuomo stated that many testing sites are not at full capacity.
  • An individual who returns to the workplace in Phase 1 can get tested.
  • NYS will announce soon a new website to locate a testing site. 



  • NYS DOB Director Mujica stated that NYS is considering and working on guidelines for summer camps.
  • The deadline is the end of June, but NYS is looking to make decision prior to that

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing from the Red Room at the NYS Capitol: 


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and new cases are down.  

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 21,725 (157 New) 


  • Economic activity without crowds.
  • All horse racing tracks and Watkin’s Glen International will open June 1 without fans; guidelines will be forthcoming.
  • Local governance and enforcement will be key. 


  • Westchester and Suffolk Counties may resume. 


Current bill contains:

  • $500 billion for states & $375 billion for localities.
  • Medicaid funding.
  • Increases SNAP.
  • 100% FEMA assistance.
  • Testing funding.
  • Repeals SALT. 


  • The State cannot decide on Major League Baseball (MLB)

From Governor Cuomo's Press Briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • The number of new cases is slightly up
  • NY’s curve is down while the national curve is up

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 21,568 (132 new)


  • NY PAUSE is extended to May 28 for regions that do not open today
  • If a region hits benchmark between prior to May 28, they may reopen
  • Phase 1
    • Residential/Commercial Construction
      • Indoor & outdoor
      • Masks must be worn within 6 feet of another worker
      • Employer must provide masks
      • No congregate meetings
    • Retail Business Owners
      • Curbside pickup
      • In store pickup when curbside is not possible
      • Masks must be worn by employees and customers (unless under two years of old or for medical reasons) and have hand sanitizer available.
    • Local Officials/Control Center
      • Enforce Business compliance and social distancing
      • Daily morning meeting of regional control center data.


  • New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware will open beaches for Memorial Day
  • State and local beaches may open Friday, May 22. Restrictions include:
    • No more than 50% capacity, no group activities, keep areas of social gatherings closed, enforce social distancing measures, concessions will be closed, ensure adequate staff levels
    • City, town & county beaches can open under same conditions
    • Must fully enforce minimum rules and may add additional conditions
    • Local governments must notify the public by May 20.


  • Enforcement of businesses
  • Perform testing, tracing and monitoring of indicators
  • Information will be updated daily.


  • Hair stylists are Phase 2 businesses

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in Syracuse


  • All of the arrows are pointed in the right direction.      

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 21,436 (157 new) 


  • Do not open too soon.
  • Reopen intelligently and in a calibrated way.
  • Check data on a daily basis.
  • Central NY meets reopening metrics.
  • Local governments will continue to manage this situation and monitor the numbers daily.
  • Phased reopening does not mean the problem has gone away; it means we have controlled the problem.
  • Local governments should be diligent about business and individual compliance.
  • Governor Cuomo spoke with President Trump this morning on federal aid to states. The president is expediting $3.9 billion to the MTA; the first installment was received today.
  • Federal bill funds state and local governments and testing operations. Federal bill also repeals SALT.
  • Funding the states and localities has bi-partisan support from the Governors.
  • Use this experience to grow and “get better.”
  • We need to make emergency medical equipment in the USA.
  • NYS is incentivizing businesses to make medical supplies. Contact: www.esd.ny.gov
  • We must remain vigilant.

  • Industries reopening by phase should review the following information and related forms: https://forward.ny.gov/industries-reopening-phase
  • Businesses Reopening Safety Plan Template
  • Business will reopen while abiding by reopening guidelines for particular regions which will be enforced by local government.
  • According to Secretary DeRosa, there will be regional control meetings to ensure regions are adhering to guidelines.

  • Social acceptability continues to be left up to individuals. 


  • NYSDOH is looking at 110 cases of Kawasaki/toxic shock like syndrome in children related to COVID-19.
  • 16 other states, Washington D.C. and 6 European counties are looking at this same situation.
  • Parents should be aware and informed of this.
  • Tends to present in children who were exposed to COVID-19.
  • This virus has been ahead of us every step of the way.
  • Do not underestimate the virus; do not take it lightly.
  • The Governor believes the facts will change as we move forward. 


  • There is a form on the website that businesses need to fill out before reopening. This is the way businesses demonstrate they will follow state guidelines.
  • All one-off issues businesses may have will be tailored locally.
  • Businesses need to adhere to the reopening guidelines—liability could become an issue. There is a federal bill in the works to addresses liability for businesses.

5/13/20 Updates
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in Watertown   


  • Total hospitalizations and intubations are down.    

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 21,279 (166 new)  


  • Antibody test results for essential workers: testing positive at lower rates than other groups.  


  • Elective surgeries to continue in 12 more counties:
    Albany, Cayuga, Chemung, Columbia, Clinton, Cortland, Montgomery, Orange, Otsego, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Warren  


  • The North Country region now meets the reopening criteria, along with the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes and Mohawk Valley.  


  • DOH is investigating 102 cases of what may be rare COVID- related illness in children with symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease/toxic shock like syndrome.
  • Illness has taken lives of 5-year old boy, 7 year old boy, and 18 year old girl.
  • 60% of children with symptoms tested positive for COVID-19 and 40% tested positive for the antibodies (14% positive for both). 71% of cases end up in ICU.
  • DOH sent alert to 49 other state health departments and Dr. Zucker did a nationwide call with health commissioners.
  • 14 other states, Washington D.C, and Spain, France, England, Italy, and Switzerland have reported cases as well.
  • Parents who have been exposed to COVID-19 or have reason to believe their child has been exposed should take heightened precautions and seek medical attention.
  • Hospitals have been directed by DOH to prioritize COVID-19 testing for children presenting symptoms.

5/12/20 Update
From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in Binghamton


  • Total hospitalizations and intubations are down
  • Number of new hospitalizations is also down.     

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 21,113 (195 new)


  • DOH is now investigating approximately 100 cases of what may be COVID-19 related illness in children/adolescents.
  • Ages of the infected are 0-21.
  • Seek care if children have any of the following symptoms:


  • NY is on the decline while the nation is still on the incline.
  • NY will follow the CDC guidelines on reopening.
  • We do not want to overwhelm the hospital system.
  • NY will learn from the mistakes of others including, China, South Korea, Germany and other states.
  • Local governments will manage regions—we also need citizen participation.
  • The Governor committed to giving people the facts and letting them respond intelligently.
  • Watch the testing rate each day, do antibody testing, monitor the hospitalization rate, keep an eye on the infection rate.
  • Local regions will monitor those numbers and control the “valve.”
  • Each day, regional numbers will be updated online to track progress.


  • The federal government needs to fun state and local governments.
  • Alabama had 600 cases of COVID and received $1.8 billion from the federal government in the previous bill.
  • NY needs $61 billion alone in federal support or we will have to reduce spending on schools, local governments and hospitals by 20%. 
  • The National Governors Association will issue a statement today on funding the states.
  • Federal bill must also address:
    • landlord and renter assistance
    • payroll protection
    • funeral costs
    • repeal state and local tax deduction (SALT)
    • fund state testing and tracing – bring state testing to scale
  • Federal bill should “reimagine” the economy, make the economy better.
    • invest in public infrastructure: airports, bridges, public health 
  • Governor Cuomo is proposing the Americans First Law: if you do not rehire the same number of employees, no government gift or bailout/give the money back.
  • NY Congressional delegation will lead the way in the House bill that will be proposed.


  • It is up to the local health department regarding the enforcement of businesses opening or closing.
  • Reopening is a responsibility driven by the people.
  • State and local leaders will work with any employer to determine proper safety precautions.

5/11/20 Updates
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in Rochester:   


  • Total hospitalizations and intubations are down. Net change is also down.
  • Number of new hospitalizations is also down.     

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 20,918 (161 new) 


  • Regions can reopen when they meet CDC criteria/guidelines.
  • Regions must meet 7 metrics:
    - 14-day decline in hospitalizations or under 15 new hospitalizations (3-day average)
    - 14-day decline in hospitalized deaths or under 5 new (3-day average)
    - New hospitalizations must be under 2 per 100,000 residents (3-day rolling average)
    - Share of total beds available (threshold of 30%)
    - Share of ICU beds available (threshold of 30%)
    - 30 per 1,000 residents tested monthly (7-day average of new tests per day)
    - 30 contact tracers per 100,000 residents or to meet current infection rate
  • Currently, 3 regions meet these criteria: Finger Lakes, Mohawk, Southern Tier. 

Phased Reopening

  • Phase 1: 
    - Construction
    - Manufacturing and wholesale supply chain
    - Retail- curbside pickup
    - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing

  • Businesses will have to consider:
    - Adjusted workplace hours and shift design
    - Social distancing
    - Non-essential travel restrictions
    - Wearing masks if in frequent contact with others
    - Strict cleaning and sanitation standards
    - Continuous health screenings
    - Continuous tracing, tracking, and reporting
    - Liability for maintaining processes
  • All retail will be authorized to do curbside pickup and drop-off or in-store pickup.
  • Essential workers will continue operating under current protocols.

  • Starting May 15 certain low-risk businesses can open statewide:
    - Landscaping and gardening
    - Outdoor, low-risk recreational activities (tennis)
    - Drive-in movie theaters 

Local Officials will play key roles:

  • Testing/tracing in place.
  • Monitor infection rate with hospitals.
  • Ensure business compliance.
  • Communicate with other local governments.
  • Regional Control room of healthcare professionals and other necessary.
  • Personnel to monitor the situation across regions.
  • Monitor progress and have circuit breaker ready. 

Regional “control rooms” will be announced today by the Governor.

5/10/20 Updates
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol: 


  • Total hospitalizations and intubations are down. Net change is also down.
  • Number of new hospitalizations is also down.    

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 20,757 (207 new)  


  • All nursing home staff must be tested twice a week with a diagnostic test, as well as temperature check.  This will be a rule. If nursing homes are not in compliance, they will lose their license to operate.
  • Hospitals cannot discharge a patient to a nursing home unless patient tests negative for COVID.
  • There are alternative facilities for nursing home patients, both COVID and non-COVID: 90,000 hospital beds, surge capacity.
  • The State is not reducing bed capacity until the end of COVID.  


  • NYS is investigating 85 cases in mostly toddler to elementary school age.  Cases are different than typical COVID symptoms.
  • NYS DOH is investigating two additional deaths. NYSDOH is issuing notice to all other states’ Departments of Health.
  • Two elementary and one adolescent has died.  


  • NY-PAUSE order is set to expire May 15. The Governor will talk more about reopening tomorrow.
  • All County Executives will participate on a call tomorrow. 

There will be Regions that qualify for reopening on May 15.

5/9/20 Updates
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in New York City:  


  • Total hospitalizations and intubations are down. Net change is also down.
  • Number of new hospitalizations remains flat.    

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 20,550 (226 new) 


  • Toddler to elementary school age children are having symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease and toxic shock-like syndrome.
  • The illness has killed 3 young people so far.
  • CDC has requested that New York help with developing national criteria for identifying and responding to this.
  • NYSDOH will work with NY Genome Center and Rockefeller University to conduct a genome and RNA sequencing study to better understand the disease and the possible genetic basis of this syndrome. 


  • Priority continues to be protecting these essential workers.
  • 15,000 antibody tests have been administered statewide serving as a baseline.
  • Antibody from Transit workers:  14.2%, below the average infection rate (19.9%).
    - Station workers:  17%
    - Bus Operators:  14%
    - Conductors:  11%
  • Frame of reference: Healthcare: 12.2% / NYPD: 10.5% / FDNY & EMT: 17.1% 


  • NYS is partnering with Northwell Health, setting up 22 additional testing sites at churches in predominantly minority communities.
  • Northwell will provide the testing in churches in low income communities and communities of color. 


  • Localities will run their own programs.
  • Mayor Bloomberg will coordinate regional approaches. 



  • Suspensions and modifications contained in E.O. 202.15-21 are extended until June 7. 

Note: May 15, 2020 “Pause” order is still in effect. An executive order certifying that a region has met the criteria to “unpause” and reopen is required.

5/8/20 Updates
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing at Marist College in Poughkeepsie:  


  • Total hospitalizations are down. Net change is also down.
  • Intubations down.
  • Number of new hospitalizations remains flat.    

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 20,324 (216 new) 


  • 3 million people arrived in NY from European countries beginning in December 2019. European arrivals were not screened for COVID-19. 


  • 73 reported cases of children with symptoms comparable to Kawasaki disease.
  • The Governor urged parents to seek care if their child has any of the following symptoms:
    - prolonged fever, difficulty feeding, severe abdominal pain/diarrhea/vomiting, change in skin color (pale, patchy, or blue), trouble breathing, chest pain, decreased amount or frequency of urine, lethargy, irritability, or confusion. 


  • The window to file claims will be extended to January 14, 2021 due to a reduction in court services. 

From Governor Cuomo’s Press Release 5/8 


  • Kaweeda Adams, Superintendent, Albany City School District
  • Jaime Alicea, Superintendent, Syracuse City School District
  • Jody Arnhold, Founder, Dance Educator Laboratory
  • Melodie Baker, Director of Education, United Way of Buffalo & Erie County
  • Kyle Belokopitsky, Executive Director, New York State PTA
  • Meg Benke, Provost, SUNY Empire State College
  • Jackie Burbridge, Parent, Suffolk County
  • Katie Campos, Partner, Strategic Collective
  • Anthony Collins, President, Clarkson University
  • Stephanie Conklin, Master Teacher, South Colonie Central School District
  • George Dermody, CEO, The Children Home of Wyoming Conference
  • Karol Mason, President, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Austin Ostro, President, SUNY Student Assembly
  • Martin Palermo, Master Teacher, William Floyd School District
  • Roger Ramsammy, President, Hudson Valley Community College
  • Seema Rivera, President, Guilderland Central School District School Board
  • Shannon Tahoe, Interim Commissioner, New York State Education Department
  • Dennis Walcott, Former Chancellor, New York State Department of Education
  • Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers



  • Extends for an additional 30 days practicing a profession without a NYS license or registration including but not limited to those who are licensed in another state or Canada. 



  • Extends the rent moratorium due to COVID-19 related hardships until August 20, 2020.

5/7/20 Updates
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in Westchester, NY


  • Total hospitalizations are down. Net change is also down.
  • Intubations down.
  • Number of new cases are flat. 

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 20,108 (231 new) 


  • Healthcare workers must be protected; they need adequate PPE.
  • The State has been testing essential workers, with 27,000 tests conducted so far at 25 downstate healthcare facilities.
  • Masks, gloves and sanitizer work. 


  • Farms can’t sell their product.
  • There is a tremendous demand in food banks downstate.
  • NYS is funding efforts to get the food upstate to those who need it downstate.
  • NYS is funding 50 food banks.
  • To help: [email protected] 


  • Governor is extending the moratorium for COVID related hardships for an additional 60 days until August 20; this includes residential and commercial.
  • The State will ban any late payment fees and allow people to use their security deposit as a payment.
  • The Governor announced he is working on relief from the banks for landlords & for banks themselves. 


  • NYS will prioritize public health over the economy.

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in Manhasset, NY


  • Total hospitalizations are down, basically flat. Net change is also down.
  • Intubations down.
  • The number of new cases is slightly down.  

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 19,877 (232 new)  


  • NYS is now looking at the new cases and assessing where those new cases came from.
  • New cases are predominantly downstate.
  • New cases are disproportionately minorities and male.
  • Overwhelmingly, new cases are people who are remaining at home (66%).
  • “Older” means age 51 and up.
  • New cases are not people who are taking public transportation (only 4% taking public transit).
  • Only 17% of new cases are people who are working.
  • Predominantly non-essential employees make up new cases.
  • The data on new hospitalizations reinforces personal safety precautions: wear your mask, use hand sanitizer, and vulnerable populations need to stay home.
  • There is now a high number of cases in Madison and Oneida Counties.
  • When you run a facility with many workers in a dense environment, you see new infections spike.  


  • Michael Dowling will be working with NYS Health Commissioner Zucker to reimagine healthcare in NYS.  


  • The State will work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to reimagine education.  


  • Google CEO Eric Schmidt will head the Blue Ribbon Commission to reimagine New York’s current health and education systems.
  • Schmidt stated that he will focus on: telehealth, remote learning, and broadband.  


  • Today is National Nurses Day. The Governor thanked healthcare workers for their extraordinary efforts in combating COVID-19.
  • JetBlue is donating a pair of round-trip flights to 100k medical personnel and nurses to honor their efforts, beginning with 10,000 NY medical professionals.

From Governor Cuomo's Briefing in New York City


  • Total hospitalizations are down, basically flat. Net change is also down.
  • Intubations down.
  • The number of new cases is slightly down. 

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 19,645 (230 new) 


  • Data-driven reopening plan.
  • NYS will “build back better.”
  • Federal projection models have doubled the number of expected deaths due to reopening. FEMA increased the number of daily cases by June to 200,000, IHME projects 134,000 deaths by early May.
  • NYS will consider the human cost of reopening.   


  • The Governor reiterated that federal funding for all states is necessary for reopening and dealing with the virus. Argued all states are facing economic downfalls from the virus, thus this is not a Blue vs Red situation. 


  • The NYC transit system will shut down on 5/5 for the first round of cleaning.   


  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will partner with NYS to develop a blueprint to reimagine education in the "new normal." 


  • NYS will run an ad campaign on the importance of wearing a mask. The Governor called for public submissions of 30-second ads. NYS Department of Health will pick a winner and run the ad.
  • Visit www.wearamask.ny.gov for more information. 


  • Unknown when NYC will meet metrics needed to reopen.
  • Urged NY Congressional Delegation not pass a bill that does not benefit the state.

From Governor Cuomo's Briefing from Wegman's Headquarters in Rochester


  • Hospitalizations, intubations and net change in hospitalizations are down.
  • New hospitalizations are declining.
  • According to the CDC, strains seen in NY originated in Europe and other U.S. regions. Most flights from Europe landed in NY and NJ. 

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 19,415 (226 new) 


  • Reopening is more difficult than the close down.
  • We are seeing the consequences in other countries of opening too soon or opening unintelligently.
  • NYS will use data, measurements and science as the basis for reopening.
  • Quantifiable formula
    • Percentage and rate of hospitalizations plus diagnostic testing rate plus contact tracing.
  • Phases I, II, III IV businesses reopen if the virus is under control.

  • Core factors determining when a region can reopen:
    • Monitoring New Infections
    • Healthcare Capacity
    • Diagnostic Testing Capacity
    • Contact Tracing Capacity
  • Regional Reopening will be based on CDC guidelines:
    • Regions must have at least 14 days of decline in total hospitalizations and deaths on 3-day rolling basis
    • Cannot have 15 new total cases or 5 deaths on 3-day rolling basis
    • Fewer than 2 new cases per 100k residents
    • Regions must have at least 30% total hospital and ICU beds available
    • Hospitals must have at least 90 days of PPE stockpiled.
  • PHASE I: construction/manufacturing/some retailers with curbside pick-up.
  • PHASE II: professional services, finance/insurance, real estate, etc.
  • PHASE III: restaurants and hotels.
  • PHASE IV: arts/entertainment/recreation, education. 

  • Phased Reopening:
    • Regions must put together a control room to make decisions on a phased reopening
    • Business safety precautions – businesses need to “reimagine” their operations to be safe and in compliance with new standards. 


  • 1 million New Yorkers have now been tested.
  • CDC recommends 30 tests for every 1,000 residents per month.
  • Regions must have a baseline of 30 contact tracers for every 100,000 residents, additional tracers based on a number of cases in the region. 


  • The State will issue guidance on standards schools need to meet when they reopen, including socially distanced classrooms

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing from the Governor's NYC Office


  • Hospitalizations, intubations, and net change in hospitalizations are down
  • New hospitalizations are slightly down

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 19, 189 (280 new)

  • The Governor assumes that there will be a second wave of COVID-19
  • A CDC report from May 1 indicates that the virus strains in NY Metro came from Europe and other US regions
  • In February there were 139,305 travelers from Italy to NY Metro area
  • In February there were 1.74 million from all European countries


  • Moving forward, NYSDOH will require hospitals to have a 90-day supply of personal protective equipment
  • The Governor announced that the Northeastern States will form a consortium and purchase $5 billion in medical supplies
  • The consortium includes the following states: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts
  • This procurement strategy will be done in coordination with the Federal Government, with a goal of purchasing mostly American-made products
  • NYS has already spent $2 billion on supplies related to COVID-19


  • The Governor strongly urged everyone to wear masks while in public

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing from the MTA NYC Transit Corona Maintenance Facility in Flushing


  • Hospitalizations, intubations, and net change in hospitalizations are down
  • New hospitalizations are slightly down, but still very high

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 18,909 (299 new)


  • Antibody Testing:
    • Largest sample of 15,103 people
    • 12.3% tested positive, this is lower than the previous survey (~14%)
    • NYC 19.9%
    • Bronx 27%
    • Brooklyn 19%
    • Manhattan 17%
    • Queens 18%
  • The majority of cases are coming from Manhattan and Kings County
  • Starting today, hospitals must collect specific demographic information on residence, age, gender, race, ethnicity, work, etc.
  • Today, the State is distributing 7 million masks to public housing residents in NYC and nursing homes
  • The Governor announced $25 million in funding to foodbanks
  • For philanthropic donations, contact Fran Barrett, Director of Nonprofits, at [email protected]
  • Transit workers will receive priority antibody testing

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • We are still at 1,000 new COVID-19 cases per day, roughly. This number is still too high
  • Governor Cuomo will speak with hospitals this afternoon for more information on new COVID-19 hospitalizations
  • Demographic information on new hospitalization population is key
  • The State needs to come up with a strategy that is more tailored to reducing the hospitalizations

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 18,610 (289 new)


  • All schools will remain closed for the remainder of the academic year
  • The decision on summer school will be made by the end of May
  •  Childcare for essential workers will continue, as will meal services
  • Governor wants schools to develop plans for reopening
    • There must be safeguards for faculty/staff/students
    • Plans will be approved by the state


  • Nearly half of Americans says their mental health has been negatively impacted


  • The State has seen an uptick in domestic violence, 15% in the month of March
  • New Yorkers in need of support can call 1-844-997-2121


  • NY is partnering with Kate Spade New York Foundation and Crisis Text Line on 24/7 emotional support services for frontline heroes
    • Text: NYFRONTLINE to 741-741
  • NY will direct all insurers to waive cost-sharing and copays/deductibles for mental health services for essential workers through this crisis.

From Governor Cuomo's briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • Net change in total hospitalizations and in intubations are down
  • Changes in new COVID-19 cases is slightly down, but still too high

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 18,321 (306 new)



  • NYS will be smart about reopening; follow numbers and data and listen to the experts
  • Is the infection spreading and is hospital capacity available (don’t go above 70% bed capacity and 70% ICU capacity)?
  • Need a 30-day stockpile supply of medical equipment
  • Test, trace, isolate are the keys to monitoring and controlling the infection rate
  • NYS is increasing the number of tests in partnership with the federal government 


  • Tracing positive individuals and tracing back who they have been in contact with
  • The faster you trace, the better
  • The problem is tracing to scale
  • Yesterday 4,681 people tested positive for the virus. How can you trace all the individuals this population has been in contact with?
  • Michael Bloomberg will lead the first-ever testing, tracing, isolation program
  • Mayor Bloomberg and Johns Hopkins University will carry out the recruitment, interviewing, and training of tracers in consultation with the NYS Department of Health
  • NYS will draw tracers from State, City and County Health Departments and other employees
  • NYS employees who are home and getting paid but not working can be deployed as tracers
  • The State may have to hire people to supplement this workforce
  • Johns Hopkins University in conjunction with NYS Department of Health will develop a world-class online curriculum consisting of:
    • Training program
    • Online exam that must be passed in order to complete the program
    • Bloomberg joined the press conference stating that the team is working with SUNY and CUNY to develop the tracer workforce
    • Vital Strategies is developing 3 new apps to:
      • Help contact tracers find info and data quickly
      • Help the public provide info to health departments
      • Allow those in quarantine to access the guidance and services they need, including reporting of symptoms
  • Vital Systems is working to develop a comprehensive playbook to do contact tracing effectively, the playbook will be made public so cities, states, and nations can use this. NY will help fight the virus globally
  • Outside experts will conduct an evaluation of the program
  • Bloomberg has a call with mayors around the country, a call that occurs weekly, to share information and strategies
  • Tracing will be coordinated on a tri-state basis.


  • Greater need to disinfect the subways, trains, busses, ADA vehicles
  • Much of this workforce has become sick and some have died
  • Train service will halt every night from 1am-5am for a thorough disinfecting and cleaning of every subway car
  • The virus can live for hours or even days on a surface
  • New process, new methods, new cleaning agents
  • MTA will still provide transportation with busses, for-hire vehicles, compliant “dollar vans” at no cost to the essential worker
  • This initiative will require the MTA/State/NYPD presence to secure stations
  • MTA will also disinfect the LIRR and Metro North fleet daily without disruption to service 



  • Effective through May 29, 2020
  • Approval of temporary dedicated birthing sites
  • Allows for a support person and/or doula who are asymptomatic to be present with person giving birth
  • Authorizes hospitals to resume elective surgeries where proper criteria are met.

From Governor Cuomo's briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • Hospitalization rate and the number of intubations are down
  • The number of new COVID-19 cases ticked up slightly over the last 24 hours 

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 17,968 (330 new) 


  • Singapore reported a second wave of new cases while Germany saw an increase in their infection rate after reopening
  • NY’s decision on reopening will be based on facts:
    • There must always be 30% of hospital beds available
    • Rate of transmission must be less than 1.1 


  • The Governor will issue an Executive Order allowing elective surgeries in specified counties
  • The 35 counties now eligible are: Allegany, Broome, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Chenango, Delaware, Dutchess, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Genesee, Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Livingston, Madison, Monroe, Niagara, Oneida, Onondaga, Ontario, Orleans, Oswego, Putnam, Saratoga, Schoharie, Schuyler, St. Lawrence, Steuben, Sullivan, Tompkins, Ulster, Wayne, Wyoming, and Yates 


  • The Governor hopes to achieve 40,000 tests per day; we are now at 30,000 tests per day
  • Antibody testing positive results:
    • 17.1% FDNY
    • 10.5% NYPD
    • ~18% Downstate Average
  • Today the state will begin testing transit workers.


  • The Governor has directed the MTA to come up with a plan within 2 days for disinfecting the trains every 24 hours to protect essential employees
  • Funding will not be an issue in order to clean the subways regularly 


  • The Governor reiterated the need for funding for states and localities which will support healthcare workers.

From Governor Cuomo's briefing at SUNY Upstate Medical University


  • Hospitalizations and intubations are down
  • New hospitalizations and new COVID-19 cases are slightly down, but still very high

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 17,638 (335 new)


  • NYS will prioritize testing symptomatic individuals
  • The State needs more testing sites across the State and advertisement of the testing sites in each region.



  • NY will be working with Michael Bloomberg and localities to develop a contact tracing plan, tracing those who are infected with COVID-19 and their interactions
  • We need 30 tracers per 100,000 people
  • Isolation facilities will be identified and utilized for those needing a quarantine location, as requested. Regions will need to identify these facilities.


  • The State Fair will not open this year
  • We cannot think long term
  • Regarding tracing, the Governor said that the State and localities will have to hire certain amounts of people for each region
  • There will be built-in monitoring mechanisms to send alerts when hospital capacity gets too high or the rate of transmission is too high
  • 400,000 unemployment claims are still open, with 3,000 people at the Department of Labor working this issue. 

From Governor Cuomo's Briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • Hospitalizations and intubations are declining.
  • Hospitalization rates and new COVID-19 cases remained relatively flat.

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 17,303 (337 new)


  • NY has tested 7,500 people for COVID-19 antibodies.
  • 14.9% tested positive.
  • Additional appointment-only drive-through sites will open throughout the State.


  • Governor will extend NY-PAUSE for many parts of the State.
  • Some parts of the State will start reopening on May 15.
  • Guidelines for reopening:
    • Follow CDC guidelines
    • Industries, Phase I, including construction/manufacturing
    • A business plan that includes social distancing/monitoring
    • Healthcare capacity
    • Develop testing and tracing regimens
    • Develop Isolation facilities
    • Follow regional coordination
    • No "attractive nuisances."
  • There are four factors the State will monitor:
    • Hospitalization rate
    • Antibody testing
    • Diagnostic testing
    • The rate of transmission
  • Several hospitals built by the Army Corps of Engineers will remain open in the event of an outbreak in the Fall.


  • The Governor will commit $25 million in emergency funding for food banks.
  • The Governor wants more philanthropies to help.
  • The State will launch the “NY Nourish” initiative to deal with excess in upstate farms.
  • Companies will be cooperating with the State to buy surplus milk.


  • The Governor reiterated the need for federal legislation to provide funding for the states and localities. Funding is needed for police, fire, hospital workers, and teachers.

4/26/20 Daily Update
From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • Number of hospitalizations, intubations, ICU admissions are down
  • Number of new hospitalizations are still high

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 16,966 (367 new)


  • CDC states that the hospitalization rate must be in decline for 14 days to consider reopening
  • Phase 1 - Construction and manufacturing industries with low risk
  • Phase 2 - Determined by a matrix, how risky and essential is the business. Businesses must develop their reopening plans. We cannot get to Phase 2 without reopening schools
  • Think about people, places, and processes. Businesses must ask themselves how to deal with creating a "new normal"
  • Two weeks between phases to analyze the numbers
  • No attractions or openings that would draw a large number of visitors from outside the local area
  • This will be done in conjunction with our neighboring states
  • Multistate coordination including transportation, parks, schools, beaches, and businesses.
  • NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester are all coordinated, working with local officials and businesses
  • Phased reopening dependent on individual business plans "business by business"
  • The state is reimagining sports, potentially without an audience
  • Need summer activities downstate
  • Special attention to public housing and low-income communities
  • That state is focused on food banks and childcare
  • Dates for reopening: total hospitalizations must be on the decline for 14 days
  • Update regions are more likely to reopen first
  • There could be a second wave that affects the current estimated dates for reopening - current plans for reopening are dependent on short term data
  • The state will create their own work environments with social distancing in place, and lead by example for businesses
  • Businesses must show the state a plan before they can reopen


  • Highlights:
    • Absentee ballot application forms will be sent to all New Yorkers to vote in the June 23, 2020 special elections
    • Authorizes DOH to suspend or revoke nursing home licenses for those who have not adhered to regulations and/or directives from DOH
    • State Assembly and Senate special elections slated for June 23, 2020 will now be held in conjunction with the general elections


  • Highlights:
    • Valid through May 25, 2020
    • Authorizes pharmacists to order COVID-19 tests
    • Permits licensed pharmacists to test for COVID-19 or its antibodies

4/25/20 Daily Update
From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • Hospitalizations are down, we are back where we were 21 days ago
  • We need to get to where only several hundred people are entering the hospitals each day
  • We are on the downside of the curve
  • The number of new cases ticked slightly down to roughly 1,200.

DEATHS: 16,559 (437 new)


  • We are focused on testing now
  • We are doing about 20,000 tests per day, antibody testing
  • We came up with a division of responsibility for states and federal government
  • 300 NYS labs are getting more supplies and tests
  • NYS will issue an Executive Order today authorizing independent pharmacists to act as collection sites
  • There are 5,000 pharmacies in NYS
  • We can open eligibility for the test since we have increased testing capacity
  • Healthcare workers will also be able to get tests
  • We are coming up to scale today to conduct testing for frontline healthcare workers at 4 hospitals downstate - Montefiore, Elmhurst, Bellevue, SUNY Downstate
  • MTA, transit workers, police and first responders, NYPD, State Police will all get antibody testing


  • Governor reiterates that the effort is to balance reopening in the three-state approach. Also reiterates the mobility of citizens as a concern.
  • Working with state and regional coalitions, and plan is to bring the two together
  • Secretary DeRosa stated that a priority is to recognize sensitivities along regions that share a border with states.

4/24/20 Daily Update from Governor Cuomo


  • ICU admissions, intubations, and overall hospitalizations are down.
  • Number of new hospitalizations is remaining flat which is troubling.

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 16,162 (422 new)


  • NY is not on the list of states that have submitted a reopening plan.
  • CDC guidance states that before any state reopens, we need two weeks of a flat or declining curve.
  • The State will make a decision regarding NY PAUSE order in the next week. 


  • A new executive order will order the Board of Elections to send all voters who want to vote absentee, absentee ballot applications for the June 23 primaries.


  • There were likely 28,000 cases in US in February and more than 10,000 in NY.
  • The cases in NY likely came from Europe, most likely Italy.
  • Between the beginning of the spread of the virus in January to European closedown in March approximately 13,000 flights came to NY and NJ bringing 2.2 million people.
  • How long does the virus live?
    • Up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel
    • Up to 24 hours on cardboard
    • Up to four hours on materials like copper
    • Can hang in the air for up to three hours before falling 


  • NYS is expecting a $13.3 billion (14%) revenue decline from the Executive Budget forecast.  Spread across FY's 2021 to 2024, the state is calculating $61 billion in losses. 


  • The Governor stated that he would like to get to 40,000 tests per day in NY.
  • The Governor has been in constant contact with the White House to discuss supply chain issues for testing.

4/23/20 Daily Update
From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • Total hospitalizations and intubations are down.
  • Hospitalizations per day remain relatively flat, which is not great news.
  • We need to reduce the number of new infections thus the number of new people entering the hospital system.

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 15,740 (438 new) this number is not coming down as fast as we would like it to.


  • Nursing homes are a top priority.
  • Staff must have appropriate PPE and temperature checks daily.
  • No visitors are allowed.
  • COVID positive individuals need to be isolated.
  • Nursing homes must immediately report to DOH actions they have taken to comply with DOH and CDC directives.
  • DOH will inspect facilities that have not complied with directives, including separation policies, and inadequate PPE.
  • If DOH determines that facilities failed to comply, DOH will immediately require the facility to submit an action plan and facility.
  • Facilities could be fined $10,000 per violation or potentially lose operating license.
  • DOH and AG James will undertake an investigation of nursing homes in order to ensure adherence to regulations enacted in executive orders.


  • Test, trace, isolate.
  • Those who test positive can donate plasma.
  • Testing can tell you the infection rate in the population to inform a reopening strategy and when you start reopening, you can watch the infection rate to see if this goes up.
  • States need a baseline study of where we are.
  • The State did 3,000 surveys over two days in 19 counties and 40 localities across NYS. 13.9% of the total tested positive for the antibodies. (Females 12% / Males 15.9%)
  • Among regions:
    • NYC (21.2%)
    • Long Island (16.7%)
    • Westchester/Rockland (11.7%)
    • Rest of State (3.6%)
  • This means 2.7M infected statewide, potentially.
  • The death rate of people infected is about 0.5%.
  • NYS will do more testing in African American and Latino communities.
  • Testing will be conducted starting today in NYC public housing.
  • Churches are willing to use their facilities as testing sites.


  • The data supports a regional analysis and decision-making in a coordinated framework.
  • What you do in a region still has to be coordinated.


  • NYS has paid out $2.2B to over 1 million people who have applied for unemployment.
  • 1.4M New Yorkers will be collecting unemployment.
  • NY has rolled out a new system to apply for PUA to make more streamlined.
  • 3,000 people have been recruited to assist with unemployment issues.
  • Gig workers are the only ones with outstanding unemployment cases.

4/22/20 Daily Update
From Governor Cuomo's briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • Hospitalizations are down, intubations are down.
  • There were 1,366 COVID-19 hospitalizations yesterday.

DEATHS: 14,821 (474 new)


  • Governor Cuomo met with President Trump yesterday at the White House. They discussed testing, state funding, and the State/FEMA match. President Trump agreed to waive NY’s match, saving hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Roughly 40,000 tests could be done daily in NY if all variables were brought up to capacity. 


  • Test, trace, isolate.
  • This entire operation has never been done before, or near this scale.
  • NY needs a tracing army.
  • New York will launch with New Jersey and Connecticut a nation-leading contact tracing army.
  • Mayor Bloomberg has volunteered to help us deliver a first-ever testing/tracing/isolating program.
  • This will be effort coordinated downstate and tri-state.
  • NY will also work with SUNY and CUNY to draw from 35,000 students in medical fields who can serve as tracers.
  • Michael Bloomberg has volunteered to help develop the testing/tracing/isolation program and will partner with John Hopkins and Vital Strategies on coordinating efforts.
  • Bloomberg will provide about $10 million in funding to develop and coordinate a tracing plan; the online curriculum will be created for tracers.
  • NY will receive $1.3 billion in funding from the federal government to support contact tracing.
  • Random surveys are being taken across the state (in grocery stores and street corners) to find how many people have been infected.


  • Businesses, schools, and transportation go hand in hand in any reopening strategy.
  • Schools will only open if it is known that schools are disinfected and there are protocols in place for continued disinfecting and social distancing.


  • Neighborhoods with high concentrations of COVID-19 cases are also locations with polluting plants.
  • Asthma and respiratory illnesses are 3 times higher amongst African American communities.

From Governor Cuomo's evening briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol

  • The federal government needs to help with the international supply chains while the states will work with labs on administrative functions
  • NYS administers 20,000 tests per day with a goal of doubling tests to 40,000 per day with federal assistance; NYS will need several weeks to ramp up efforts
  • The latest legislation Congress passed did not include funding for state governments. President Trump and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin stated they will advocate for a waiver of New York's Medicaid State match
  • Nursing homes are the number one focus
  • USNS Comfort Ship will move to whichever state needs it next.

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing at Roswell Park Cancer Center in Buffalo, NY


  • Total hospitalizations are flat, the overall curve is on the way down, the net change in hospitalizations is down, intubations are down.
  • New COVID-19 diagnoses are slightly down, roughly 1,300 yesterday.
  • There has been a dramatic increase in Erie County.
  • Different regions of the Country have different curves.

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 14,828 (481 new)


  • The first rule is “do no harm,” don’t undo what we have already accomplished.
  • Be ready to surge and flex to support local clusters.
  • NYS will allow elective outpatient treatments in those hospitals and counties in the State that do not have a COVID-19 issue.
  • Westchester, Rockland south, Erie, Albany and Dutchess, and several other counties are excluded.
  • NYS will make reopening decisions based on regional COVID-19 facts.
  • Lt. Gov Kathy Hochul will take charge of Western NY region public health and reopening strategy.
  • Former Lt. Gov Bob Duffy will be a special advisor and volunteer, coordinating reopening and public health strategy in the Finger Lakes/Rochester region.


  • The focus of the visit to the White House is testing/tracing and testing supply chain issues. 
  • Reopening decisions will be made by the State in conjunction with local officials.

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • Hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and intubations are down.
  • It has been 51 days since New York’s first COVID-19 case.
  • We do not know how long it will take to “descend” the plateau.
  • TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 14,374 (478 new)


  • New York will set the bar high on reopening.
  • The Governor announced a “Reimagine” taskforce focusing primarily on downstate NY. Taskforce members include:
    • Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone
    • Nassau County Executive Laura Curran
    • NYC Mayor de Blasio
    • Westchester County Executive George Latimer


  • Whatever we get from the federal government will determine the Budget in New York.
  • The Governor reiterated the need for $500 billion in aid to States.
  • The Governor is proposing hazard pay for frontline workers including a 50% bonus.
  • 41% of frontline workers are people of color.
  • 1/3 of frontline workers are members of low-income households.
  • A financial plan will come out this week showing a 20% reduction in school aid if there is nor federal aid to assist the State.


  • NY is launching a new partnership to bring healthcare services including COVID diagnostic testing to public housing residents of NYC.
  • NY Will be partnering with Rep. Greg Meeks and Hakeem Jeffries, AG James, Speaker Heastie, and Bronx Borough President Diaz.
  • NY is bringing 500,000 masks and 10,000 gallons of hand sanitizer for all NYCHA residents.
  • The federal government needs to help with the testing supply chain.


  • The Governor believes that states should coordinate “tracing” of those who were in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.
  • NY will be “looking at” allowing elective surgeries again in some regions across the State depending on COVID-19 infection rates.
  • Buffalo and Albany will have later curves.

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing from Northwell Health


  • Hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and intubation continue to decline.
  • We are past the high point and on the descent.
  • 1,384 new people entered the hospital system yesterday with COVID-19 diagnoses.
  • 93% of hospitalizations are downstate, with 7% in the rest of the state.
    • Westchester / Rockland: 8%
    • LI: 21%
    • NYC: 63%
  • We are watching for a spread in upstate
  • Nursing homes remain the number one concern.
  • If numbers keep increasing in Massachusetts, NY will send 400 ventilators.
  • It is only “halftime”
  • TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 13,869 (507 new)


  • Any reopening plan must be based on data and testing.
  • The State is staring with large scale antibody testing in NY.
  • Over the next week, NYSDOH will run an antibody testing survey.
  • NY is coming up to scale on diagnostic testing, with Northwell Health leading the effort.
  • Northwell Health CEO Michael Dowling anticipates that with cooperation, 100's of thousands of tests a day are possible
  • Testing must be done in partnership with the federal government.
  • Governor spoke with the head of the CDC yesterday.
  • NY could see 50% cuts to education if federal government doesn’t pass a bill funding states and localities.
  • The State’s emergency powers now govern in this emergency.
  • Start to think about the reopening now and incorporate lessons learned.


  • Out of state or retired funeral directors are immediately licensed in NYS in order to help with increased demand.

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • Hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and intubations continue to go down.
  • 2,000 new COVID-19 hospitalizations per day.
  • TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 13,362 (540 new)



  • We need more testing before we can reopen.
  • The state called the top 50 labs in the state and asked what it would take to double capacity. Labs are having trouble getting reagents—the reagent supply chain is unreliable.
  • Awaiting approval from FDA for scaling up testing.


  • We are not going to be reopening anything immediately.
  • You cannot open one area and not open the other area.


  • Reiterated the need for Federal partnership and support.
  • States need $500 billion to reopen; National Governors Association made this request yesterday.
  • The federal government sent 15 million cloth masks to NYS to distribute to the public. 



  • Notification from an employer receiving federal Paycheck Protection Program funding to rehired employees.
  • Relating to the establishment of a statewide coordinated testing prioritization process.
  • Requiring adult care facilities to report to family in event of positive COVID-19 test or death due to COVID-19, and in the event of failure to report, a $2,000 fine may be issued.
  • No local government or local department of health shall take any actions that could affect public health without consulting with the state department of health. No local government official shall take any action that could impede or conflict with any other local government actions, or state actions, with respect to managing the COVID-19 public health emergency.


  • Governor spoke with Speaker Heastie yesterday and the legislature is working hard.
  • Continuing the legislative session is up to the legislature.
  • The Governor is signing an Executive Order today allowing people to get a marriage license remotely and allowing clerks to perform remote marriage ceremonies.
  • There is not enough testing being done across the board in the State.
  • The greatest concern is nursing homes (congregate care).
  • Nursing homes, for the most part, are privately run facilities; the State does not get into the details of communication between families and residents beyond the number of deaths and positive cases. 

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • Net hospitalizations are declining
  • ICU admissions and intubations are down
  • 2,000 new COVID hospitalizations per day
  • TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 12,822 (630 new)


  • Phase 1
    • Bring down the infection rates
    • Ramp up the hospital system
  • Phase 2: Un-pausing
    • Kepp new infection rate low
    • Test, trace, isolate
    • Stabilize finances


  • We don't have a system that manages a large volume
  • NY has 301 labs and hospitals licensed to perform virology testing
  • They need a coordinated strategy
  • Supply chain issues post international challenges
  • The Governor will issue a new Executive Order stating that private and public sector companies will coordinate with DOH to ensure prioritization of diagnostic testing for public health and restarting the economy and perform reopening functions


  • This crisis showed that there is no excess capacity in the State's hospital system
  • Reimagine the workplace, can people work from home?
  • Safer public transit system
  • Smarter public interactions, should we be shaking hands?



  • Allows nurses, physicians, and physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, special assistants, licensed master social workers, licensed clinical social workers, registered in any province or territory to practice in NYS.
  • Allows specialist assistants, respiratory therapists,  respiratory therapist technicians, pharmacists, clinical nurse specialists,  dentists, dental hygienists,  registered dental assistants, midwives, perfusionists, clinical laboratory technologists, cytotechnologists, certified clinical laboratory technicians, certified histological technicians,  licensed clinical social workers, licensed master social workers, podiatrists,  physical therapists,  physical therapist assistants, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists,  creative arts therapists,  psychoanalysts and psychologists who have an unencumbered license and are currently in good standing in New York State but not registered in New York State to practice in New York State.
  • Permits graduates of clinical laboratory technology and clinical laboratory technician education programs to be employed to practice for 180 days immediately following successful completion of a New York State Registered licensure qualifying education program provided that the graduate files an application for a New York State clinical laboratory practitioner license and limited permit.
  • Extends triennial registrations of pharmacies whose registration is set to expire on or after March 31, 2020.
  • Extends statements of domestic or foreign professional service corporations, design professional service corporations, registered professional limited liability partnerships, New York registered foreign professional limited liability partnerships whose statements are set to expire on or after March 31, 2020. It also extends the triennial renewal of certificates of authorizations.
  • Extends the waivers for certain special education schools and early intervention programs providing certain professional services whose waivers are set to expire on or after March 31, 2020.
  • Permit pharmacy technicians and pharmacists to practice at an alternative location, including their home, as long as there is adequate security to prevent any Personal  Health Information from being compromised.
  • Allows clinical laboratory practitioners to perform testing in a clinical laboratory under remote supervision, provided a supervisor is on-site at least eight hours per week.
  • Section 603(b) of the Not-for-Profit Corporations Law to the extent necessary to permit annual meetings of members to be held remotely or by electronic means.
  • Extends orders related to home-delivered meals to persons 60 or over.
  • Allows for all new clients to provide services under the Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly Program without the cost-sharing requirement.
  • Deals with retirement applications and death due to COVID-19 while retirement was on file but not yet effective.
  • Requires nursing homes to notify family if member tests positive or dies from COVID-19 within 24 hours. 
  • Any person utilizing public or private transportation carriers or other for-hire vehicles, who is over age two and able to medically tolerate a face covering, shall wear a mask or face covering during any such trip; any person who is operating such public or private transport, shall wear a face covering or mask while there are any passengers in such vehicle.
  • NY-PAUSE extended until May 15, 2020.
  • Schools are closed until May 15, 2020. 

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • Hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and intubations are down
  • Roughly 2,000 new people were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 24 hours


  • This will be over once a vaccine and/or medical treatments are made. For the moment, we need to continue controlling the rate of infection and strengthen the healthcare system through increased capacities.  Need to also increase testing with Federal help, then conduct reopening in a phase-in matter.
  • Are there more essential businesses?
  • Are there safer businesses to reopen?
  • How can the private sector reimagine their workplace?
  • How many people can continue to work from home and the business still function?
  • The Governor explained businesses would be phased-up via percentages based on whether they are considered low or high-risk for infection
  • 500,000 tests conducted in one month in NYS, compare that to the 19 million people in the state.
  • NYS PAUSE IS EXTENDED UNTIL MAY 15, meaning that current stay-at-home and social distancing orders will stay in place.
  • People must wear a mask when riding:
    • Public transportation
    • Private transportation carriers and for-hire vehicles
    • All operators of public systems, private carriers, and for-hire vehicles must wear a mask at all times
    • This will become effective Friday, April 17 at 8:00 p.m.


  • 202.17 (issued 4/15)
  • Highlights:
    • Extends NY-PAUSE until May 15, 2020
    • Requires masks/face covering when out in public and unable to social distance through May 15


  • Sending 100 ventilators to New Jersey


  • Total NYS Deaths: 12,192 (606 yesterday)

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol

  • Hospitalizations are down, intubations are down, but still about 2,000 people per day are diagnosed
  • CDC has issued new reporting requirements that will impact local governments
  • There may be additional people who have passed away outside of a nursing home or hospital, so the state is working on counting those

TOTAL NYS DEATHS: 11,586 (752 new)


  • Until we have a medical treatment or vaccine, we will have a phased reopening with the priority being public health
  • We will gradually increase economic activity
  • The best tool for reopening is large-scale testing: test, trace, isolate
  • NYS has done over 500,000 tests to date
  • States need federal support for testing
  • NYS will coordinate statewide testing
  • NYS asked the FDA to approve an antibody treatment that could test 100,000 people/day
  • Healthcare workers, essential workers, and first responders will be prioritized for testing
  • We need to trace contacts once we test
  • The states need funding to reopen
  • We need clarity on what the federal government is going to do and what the states are going to do

Phased Re-opening factors based on:

  1. How "essential" is the business or product?
  2. What is the risk of "infection spread" of that business?
  • Businesses can redesign their workplaces to function this way
  • This will have to be a business-by-business evaluation


  • Governor will issue an Executive Order: All people in public places must have a mask or mouth/nose covering. This must be worn in situations when you are not in socially distanced places. There will be a three-day notice to allow for compliance. Local governments will enforce this, a civil penalty may be an option as a last resort.


  • NYS is giving 100 ventilators to Michigan and 50 to Maryland

From Governor Cuomo’s press conference in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol  


  • Hospitalizations are decreasing.
  • Nursing homes have been an increasing issue; the percentage of loss of life is higher than in hospitals. 


  • We will learn from past mistakes in other countries.
  • We could lose all the progress we made in one week if we reopen incorrectly.
  • Massachusetts (Governor Charlie Baker - R) joined the east coast “reopening” coalition, bringing the total participation to 7 states.  

TOTAL DEATHS IN NYS: 10,843 (778 new)

Press conference held in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol in conjunction with regional governors who participated by phone.

Participants included: 

  • Governor Phil Murphy (NJ)
  • Governor Ned Lamont (CT)
  • Governor Tom Wolf (PA)
  • Governor John Carney (DE)
  • Governor Gina  Raimondo (RI) 
  • Reopen with a regional smart plan.
  • Each state will assign a public health official and an economic official to work in conjunction with the Chief of Staff of each Governor. This will be the core working group tasked with reopening.
  • The group will begin work immediately. 
  • Initial guidelines should come out within weeks, per Governor Cuomo. 

From Governor Cuomo’s earlier press conference in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol   


  • The curve continues to flatten.
  • Total net hospitalizations are down.
  • Intubations are down.
  • New COVID hospitalizations to date are still increasing.    


Reopening Objectives: 

  • ease isolation
  • increase economic activity
  • recalibrate “essential worker” economy
  • apply more testing and more precautions
  • do not increase the infection rate 

Reopening Plan: 

  • leverage public health and economic experts
  • regional design (larger geographic region the better)
  • coordinated design (economic, transportation, schools)
  • need federal support to states
  • testing will be key
  • take precautions such as masks, gloves and temperature taking 

Governor Cuomo will talk with other Governors this afternoon to discuss reopening, announcement forthcoming this afternoon, expected at 2:00 p.m. 

The Governor believes a COVID vaccine is 12-18 months away. 

DEATHS: 10,056 (671 new)

From Governor Cuomo’s press conference in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol 

  • The total number of hospitalizations are down.
  • Intubations spiked up.
  • We need a coordinated, regional and safe approach to reopening.
  • The Governor issued a joint statement with Governor Hogan calling for $500 billion in federal aid to states.
  • Tristate area plan to reopen the state with Connecticut and New Jersey.
  • Today, Governor Cuomo is signing an Executive Order directing employers to provide essential employees with cloth masks when directly interacting with the public.
  • By Executive Order, the Governor is expanding who can conduct antibody tests to bring testing to scale.
  • Schools and businesses need to have a coordinated approach to reopening.

TOTAL DEATHS IN NYS: 9,385 (758 new)

From Governor Cuomo’s press conference in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol 


  • The curve is continuing to flatten.
  • Hospitalization rate is down.
  • The three-day change in ICU admissions are down.
  • Entire hospitals have turned into ICU facilities.
  • The intubations are down—very good sign.
  • The death rate is stabilizing at a horrific level.
  • The President has been responsive to New York’s needs. 

Immediate Actions Needed:

  • More and advanced testing.
  • We need to be more prepared for the future.
  • Federal stimulus bill will be key; needs to be less political.
  • Federal legislation should repeal State and Local Tax Deductions (SALT).

Legal Help

  • NYS Court System will engage pro bono lawyers to help those who are suffering.
  • There will be a host of legal issues people will need help with including housing, SBA loan applications, accessing federal programs, etc.

Website:  https://nysba.org/COVIDVOLUNTEER 


  • Reopening is a public health question and an economic question.
  • NYS will gather the best minds to study information on reopening experience and possible second wave.
  • Our actions will determine life and death. 


  • Mayor DeBlasio cannot legally decide whether to reopen schools; the Governor has this authority per a March 18 Executive Order.
  • A decision on school closures has not yet been made.
  • The Governor would like to coordinate school closures with Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties, and with Connecticut and New Jersey, if possible.
  • Schools and businesses need to be on the same schedule as far as reopening.

DEATHS: 8,627 (783 yesterday)

4/10/2020 DAILY UPDATE
From the Governor's press conference in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • We are flattening the curve
  • No model has been correct in predicting the curve/apex
  • Hospitalizations (3-day average) down, change in ICU admissions now a negative number, intubations slightly higher than the past few days but still down
  • What we do today will determine the infection rate 2-3 days from today
  • NY has 50% additional hospital capacity
  • Adding $200 million for food assistance for low-income families
  • Adding $2 million to provide rooms in union hotels at no cost for front line workers
  • #LightBlue campaign; lighting NY landmarks in blue to show support and solidarity
  • Working with COngressional delegation to create a Heroes Compensation Fund for victims, families, and first responders
  • We will learn from what has happened so far in other countries to inform what we do moving forward
  • Key to reopening the State is testing
  • State lab developing antibody test. Quick and non-invasive. The State has been conducting 300 tests a day; the Governor promised 1,000 were to be done by next Friday, and 2,000 by the following week
  • Private sector companies on their own may not be able to come to scale, we will need government intervention
  • Deaths: 7,844 (777 new since the day before)

From Governor Cuomo's press conference in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • 18,270 are hospitalized
  • The hospitalization rate is going down and we are flattening the curve
  • Lower number of ICU admissions
  • Deaths: 7,067 (up 799 since yesterday)
  • Bringing in additional funeral directors for additional deaths
  • Starting New York Loves program, coordinating charities, gifts, donations
  • NYS unemployment system will shut down from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. tonight for upgrades and efficiencies. State will be contacting applicants directly, in order to bypass applicants attempting to contact DOL
  • State work 2% raises will not go into effect for 90 days, and state will revisit the increase at that time


  • Rapid testing is the bridge to new economy
  • Let the people who can go back to work, go back (will know by testing people)
  • Need plasma from people who recovered from COVID to treat those infected
  • 1819 Spanish flu came in three waves
  • Need federal legislation that stabilizes state and local governments
  • NYS is only getting $1.3 billion for healthcare from the previous federal bill (1/3 of NY Medicaid recipients are disqualified)
  • NYS Emotional support hotline: 1-844-863-9314
  • Monitoring closely: Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland
  • Stay at home and save a life

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol


  • Good news - social distancing is working, and the curve is flattening
  • Deaths: 6,268 (770 yesterday - highest yet)
  • Governor is ordering flags to fly at half-mast
  • Testing capacity will be the bridge from where we are today to the new economy
  • Dr. Havidan Rodriguez and NYSDOH & Northwell will do more testing and research in minority communities immediately
  • Making an additional $600 payment to all unemployed New Yorkers (the State will be reimbursed by the Federal government)
  • Extending NYS unemployment benefits to an additional 13 weeks (total 39 weeks)
  • New Yorkers can vote via absentee ballots in the June 23 primaries


  • This is going to be a long battle; we are doubling down on social distancing
  • The State will start a social media campaign "Who are you staying home for?"
  • If we stop social distancing, the numbers will go back up
  • If hospitalizations keep decreasing, the system should stabilize over the next few weeks
  • Why are more Latinos and African Americans dying from COVID-19?
  • The poorest people pay the highest price; we need to figure out why this is the case
  • More testing and research in minority communities
  • We need to look at public health system capacity and preparedness

From Governor Cuomo's briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol

  • Newly hospitalized number is up, the three-day average is down
  • Projecting that NYS is reaching a plateau in the number of hospitalizations
  • Daily ICU admissions are down
  • Discharge rate is down
  • NYS has roughly 90,000 available beds, which is more than enough
  • Staffing continues to be an issue
  • 7,000 new staff have been hired (retired healthcare workers, out of state volunteers)
  • Stretching and moving ventilators between hospitals as needed
  • Balancing patient load amongst the hospitals
  • Javits Center and USNS Comfort are for COVID-only overflow
  • Comfort will provide 500 beds
  • Not at the point of restarting the economy yet
  • Tri-state approach to restarting the economy
  • We will not be able to end the infection before we restart the economy, restarting the economy will come down to testing
  • DOH has approved antibody testing, but this needs to be brought to scale; working with the FDA to accomplish this
  • Rapid testing now exists, 15-minute test, this testing also needs to be brought to scale
  • NY will work with private companies to bring this to scale
  • Currently, NY only has 50,000 testing capacity
  • Private companies interested in testing should reach out to ESD: 212-803-3100 or email [email protected]
  • Federal Government needs to help states and localities with another stimulus bill
  • Governor is sending NY Congressional delegation a letter today regarding the needs of New York
  • 1918 pandemic peaked for 6 months; it has only been 37 days of COVID-19
  • Social distancing is working
  • NYS has released 700 parole violators and 240 people from Rikers Island

TOTAL NYS CASES: 138,836 / DEATHS: 5,489 (largest single-day increase)

From Governor Cuomo's briefing in the Red Room at the NYS Capitol

  • Possible flattening of the curve
  • Hospitalizations and daily intubation are down (suggesting flattening of the curve)
  • Where we are tracking today suggests that initial projections will be lower
  • We could be at the apex at this moment, based on current projections and modeling
  • Data is hopeful but also inconclusive
  • The number of beds NY could need could be around 50,000 (about 50% less than what was first anticipated)
  • Javits Center is a relief for the entire downstate hospital system
  • Cuomo calling the President this afternoon to request shifting the USNS Comfort to be a COVID-only facility (that is the only way we can sustain this level of intensity in the hospital system)
  • Northwell Health is helping to bring online 35,000 hospital beds
  • The US Military will help with this effort
  • Extending NY PAUSE: Schools and Non-essential business will stay closed until April 29
  • Don't get overconfident too quickly, we need to continue the measures we are taking
  • The State is setting up a fund to help first responders and healthcare workers - DOH will manage this fund ($10 million donation from Blackstone)
  • NYS is partnering with Headspace to provide free mindfulness and meditation
  • Anecdotal evidence is "promising" that hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax may treat COVID-19 
  • 802 ventilators will be released to the downstate area
  • Funerals and weddings are happening in Orthodox communities
  • The Governor is asking local governments to crackdown on these large gatherings "localities have the legal right and responsibility to crackdown"
  • NY is using BiPAP machines at this point and other alternative methods to ventilators
  • The State is partnering with Google to release a new interface for unemployment claims, and added 300 more personnel (in addition to 700 current employees)
  • Now is not the time to slack off on what we're doing (re: social distancing)

TOTAL NYS CASES: 130,689 / NEW: 8,658 / DEATHS: 4,758

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in the Red Room at the NYS Capitol 

  • Deaths over the last few days have been decreasing.
  • Statewide balances of cases has been relatively stable over the last few days.
  • As Long Island case numbers grow, NYC has reduced its case numbers.
  • Is the apex a point or is it a plateau? We do not know.
  • Vulnerable people must stay isolated and protected.
  • 74% of those hospitalized have been discharged.
  • Running short on supplies all over.
  • Not enough in federal stockpile for all the states.
  • Working hard to get the Javits Center up and running.
  • Current hospital system is overcapacity, currently under a tremendous stress.  Governor reiterated importance of healthcare systems working together and balancing the patient load.
  • Need to shift national resources and state resources to where the curve is at that moment.
  • Federal government is deploying 1,000 personnel to NYC, including doctors, nurses and respiratory technicians and therapists.
  • We will return to normalcy when we have an approved rapid testing program, that’s when people can go back to work, while continuing to protect the vulnerable population.
  • DFS is looking at insurance policies and volunteer coverage.
  • The Governor is extending some policies and adding others in an additional (yet to be released) Executive Order.

TOTAL NYS CASES:  122,031 / NEW: 8,327 / DEATHS: 4,159

From Governor Cuomo's briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol

  • Long Island has gone from 17% to 22% of total cases in NYS
  • 2/3 of people hospitalized will be discharged, roughly
  • The first COVID-19 case was 30 days ago
  • We are in the 7-day range of the apex
  • Holding a conference call with the hospitals today to coordinate equipment deployment
  • Federal government will staff and equip the Javits Center for COVID-only patients
  • Governor spoke with the White House today on logistics for the Javits Center
  • NYS has 85,000 volunteers to date
  • Governor is signing an executive order to allow medical students who are slated to graduate to begin practicing
  • Chinese government is going to facilitate a donation of 1,000 ventilators, coming into JFK
  • Oregon is going to send 140 ventilators to NYS


From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol

  • Increase of cases on Long Island (less resources than NYC)
  • N-95 masks were $.07 per mask prior to COVID-19, now the price is as high as $7 per mask
  • The Governor reiterated the need for manufacturers across NY to make PPE items
  • NYC Javits Center will now be a COVID-only facility (approved by the federal government)
  • Javits Center adds 2,500 COVID-19 beds
  • Non-COVID hospital cases are very few
  • State is now tracking hotspot hospital facilities with the most hospitalizations
  • NYS still does not have enough ventilators
  • Governor is signing an Executive Order allowing the State to take ventilators and PPE which will be returned or reimbursed
  • National Guard will pick up ventilators and PPE from across the state
  • NYS is heavily reliant on federal aid
  • Governor spoke with Speaker Pelosi about federal assistance New York needs in the next aid package
  • National deployment of resources: focus on the emergency that is in front of you, New York will hit the apex first
  • When our curve is over, New York will be there for any community that needs help, we will bring staff, equipment and volunteers
  • DOH Commissioner Zucker stated that there is no data to suggest wearing a mask is effective
  • At the moment, the State has no way to reduce the prison population due to COVID-19

TOTAL NYS CASES: 102,863 / NEW: 10,482 / DEATHS: 2,935

From Governor Cuomo's briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol

  • Nassau County & Suffolk County have seen a large spike in new cases which is extremely concerning
  • NYS is a microcosm of the United States
  • The timing of the apex depends on what model you look at, 7-30 days
  • This wide-ranging window makes planning difficult
  • Current bed count:
    • 53,000 statewide
    • 36,000 downstate
  • Models have this flattening out and continuing throughout the summer
  • We have 180 hospitals in NYS we are focusing on
  • Hospitals with the most stress regularly will have the biggest struggle due to COVID019
  • Bed Capacity Increasing:
    • Adding Brooklyn Cruise Terminal: 750 beds, expected to open next week
    • Adding in State Island COVID only facility, expected to open next week
  • 21,000 volunteer healthcare workers from out of state to come to NYS to help fight COVID
  • 85,400 volunteers in total being deployed to the hospitals
  • Supplies are an ongoing challenge
  • NY is looking for supplies, Call: 212-803-3100 or email: [email protected] (NY cannot issue a Defense Production Act) NYS will purchase these products at a premium, NY will pay to convert facilities that can make these products; products are needed ASAP!
  • Released 400 ventilators to NYC H&H and 200 to Long Island and Westchester
  • We have 6 days at the current burn rate of ventilators until we run out of the stockpile 
  • Ending all elective surgeries in NYS
  • Using anesthesia machines and splitting ventilators, also converting BiPAP machines (do not have same force as ventilators)
  • Extending healthcare exchange enrollment until May 15, 2020
  • Governor is open to curfews if need be
  • Governor spoke to President Trump this morning, Governor does not think the Federal Government has enough to provide for the whole nation

TOTAL NY CASES: 92,381 / NEW: 8,669 / DEATHS: 2,373

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol

  • McKinsey Model: Apex is projected for the end of April
  • With minimal impact social distancing model:
    • 110,000 COVID beds
    • 34,000 ventilators
  • With high compliance social distancing model:
    • 75,000 COVID beds
    • 25,000 ventilators
  • Different models project higher or lower numbers
  • We are studying all models and coming up with a model for planning purposes
  • NYS does not have a chance to meet the capacity for higher model projections
  • Gates Foundation model projects 93,000 Americans will die, including 16,000 New Yorkers
  • To other states: "Look at us (NYS) today and see yourself tomorrow."
  • Gates model projects a high death rate through July
  • You can deal with the virus and get the economy up and running at the same time
  • Need a rapid testing procedure to determine who can go back to work
  • New testing available in NY - Regeneron created 500,000 tests at no charge, distributing across the state
  • Corning donated 100,000 tubes and provided 500,000 at a reduced cost
  • Closing NYC playgrounds; leaving open spaces available, including parks
  • All efforts now are focused on preparing for the apex
  • COVID patients were moved from NYC to Albany Medical Center
  • 110,000 COVID beds available and 30,000 non-COVID beds available in hospitals across the state

TOTAL NYS CASES; 83,712 / DEATHS: 1,941

From Governor Cuomo's press briefing in the Red Room at the NYS Capitol

  • Following projections of the experts
  • NYS is comparing 5 different COVID-19 models
  • We underestimated the virus
  • The main battle is at the apex of the curve
  • 7-21 days from today is the expected apex
  • We will function and plan as one hospital system, both public and private hospitals, plus the additional federal beds
  • The state is currently up to 75,000 hospital beds, all models say more are needed
  • Shifting patients, staff, and supplies between hospitals
  • New Rule to require inter-hospital data on supplies, staff, and space to be reported to DOH
  • Support staff in hospitals (the "frontline") need relief and are emotionally and physically exhausted
  • The state is sorting through 78,000 volunteers by region to link them with a hospital
  • A central coordinating team lead by DOH - includes Westchester, GNYHA, HANYS, NYC & Long Island
  • A portal will be launched today to aid in connecting the hospitals with the volunteers, Prioritizing in-state workers, downstate regional as first priority, then upstate, and then out-of-state volunteers. People could be in place as early as Thursday.
  • Governor Cuomo spoke with the President, Vice President, and Jared Kushner and they have been very helpful
  • This ends when we get a fast-track home test for COVID-19
  • Saliva, plasma, and antibody testing is in the works
  • Public responsibility: Stay At Home
  • Chris Cuomo (Governor Cuomo's brother) has coronavirus, found out this morning
  • Trying to bring upstate hospital staff to the downstate/metro area
  • NYS has ordered 17,000 ventilators from China at $25,000 each (we only have a firm expectation of 2,500) 
  • The states and FEMA are competing and bidding against each other which is driving up the price of ventilators
  • FEMA should have been the purchasing agent and then allocated to the states
  • According to NYS Budget Director Mujica, the Department of Labor regularly processes 50K unemployment filings a week, and there were over 7 million requests last week

TOTAL NYS CASES: 75,795 / NEW: 9,298 / DEATHS: 1,550

From Governor Cuomo’s press conference at the Javits Center in NYC

  • Public Responsibility: stay home, no proximity, no density.
  • Javits Center hospital will become operational today.
  • NYC still has too many places with too much density.
  • Healthcare professionals are the “soldiers” in this battle.
  • Need to recruit more healthcare workers and share healthcare professionals in the state and across the country; NY will return the favor.
  • Nurses, doctors and attendants in hospitals need relief.
  • Nationwide competition for supplies—healthcare professionals need these supplies.
  • Met with entire statewide healthcare establishment to develop comprehensive cooperative plan between all hospitals within the state.
  • Hospitals will work as one “healthcare family,” sharing staff, supplies and equipment.
  • NY is planning forward to get ahead of the problem including stockpiling supplies and equipment, including PPE and ventilators.
  • Working as one unified hospital system, NY’s public and private hospitals will work with the state to create a command center around COVID-19 communication, response, purchasing and supply distribution.  

TOTAL NY CASES:  66,497 / NEW: 6,984 / DEATHS: 1,218 

Executive Order 202.13 was released by the Governor's Office.  


  • The special election in the City of New York to fill the vacancy in the Office of Borough President of Queens is rescheduled for June 23, 2020.
  • Circulation, filing, and collection of any designating  petitions, or independent  nominating  petitions for any office commencing  March 31, 2020 are postponed.
  • Any school board, library board, or village election  scheduled to take place in April or May of 2020 is hereby postponed until at least June 1, 2020, and subject to further directive as to the timing, location or manner of voting for such elections.
  • Any non-essential worker who is employed by the state of New York shall work from home or shall be able to stay home without charging their accruals until April 16, 2020.
  • Executive Order 202.6 is hereby modified to clarify that construction  which was an essential service not subject to the in-person  work restrictions is modified to provide only certain construction.
  • 100% of non-essential workforce must remain home until April 15, 2020.
  • The directive of Executive Order 202.12 requiring  a support person for a patient giving birth is modified insofar as to cover labor, delivery as well as the immediate postpartum  period.

3/29/20 Updates
From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol  

  • Apex will occur at different times in different places across the country and across the state.
  • Current projections: NYC, Westchester and Long Island will apex at different times, upstate will also be impacted.
  • Hospitals must work together within public and private systems; the public/private barrier must be broken down.
  • Governor is meeting with Greater NY Hospital Association tomorrow.
  • Governor asking Mayor de Blasio and Comptroller Stringer to investigate modifying public hospital systems in NYC.
  • NYS’s role is getting those health systems to work together.
  • Extending NY PAUSE program (non-essential workers down to 0%) until April 15; this will be re-evaluated every two weeks.
  • NYSDOH developed less intrusive COVID-19 test requiring less resources and limiting exposure for healthcare workers.
  • State still working to purchase PPE to increase stockpile for eventual distribution.
  • When is this over? When we have an inexpensive and available COVID-19 home test. We need faster, easier testing. If you can test millions of people, you can send them to work sooner.
  • USNS Comfort will be here tomorrow, Monday, March 30 (not for COVID-19 patients).
  • 76,019 healthcare workers have volunteered to date in NY.
  • President/CDC ordered a travel advisory (NY, NJ & CT).
  • This is not a lock down, these federal actions support state actions to date.   

TOTAL NYS CASES: 59, 513 / NEW: 7,195 / DEATHS: 965 

Also: Executive Order 202.12 was released by the Governor's Office.   

Highlights include: 

  • New Presidential Primary Date: June 23, 2020.
  • Special elections are rescheduled to June 23, 2020.
  • Allows for one support person to be present during childbirth.

3/28/20 Updates
From Governor Cuomo’s press conference in the Red Room of the NYS Capitol

  • NYS Presidential Primary is delayed until June 23, 2020 (in conjunction with congressional and legislative primary).
  • Governor Cuomo commended the President for using the Defense Production Act to produce ventilators.
  • Bag-valve mask is an alternative to a ventilator.
  • NYS is procuring additional bag-valve masks (require 24-hour manual staffing).
  • NY is training the National Guard on use.
  • Ventilators cost $25k-$45k; NYS is purchasing more ventilators.
  • 4,000 ventilators from the federal government are in a stockpile, these will be leveraged for high demand.
  • NY is still buying PPE equipment to meet long-term needs.
  • NYS DOH Commissioner Zucker is reviewing the new CDC guidelines for healthcare providers. The state may tighten these guidelines.
  • Requesting local health systems to think more holistically, and to work together in order to spread out needs, share supplies, and send staff to areas needed - DOH mandating.
  • Governor Cuomo is asking pharmacies to offer free deliveries.
  • DOH monitoring density and activity in NYC Parks.  If non-compliance continues, the State will close playgrounds.
  • 1,100 tests being administered for Hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax currently.
  • Javits Center hospital will open on Monday. 
  • USNS Comfort scheduled will arrive on Monday. 

President Trump approved four new federal temporary hospitals (4k total additional beds):

  1. Brooklyn Cruise Terminal
  2. Aqueduct Racetrack
  3. CUNY Staten Island
  4. New York Expo Center 

NEW APPROACH: COVID-Only Hospitals (600 plus beds each):

  1. South Beach Psychiatric (Staten Island)
  2. SUNY Downstate
  3. Westchester Square 


  • Cuomo will work with the states to organize procurement of medical devices.
  • FDA approved NYSDOH request for antibody testing.
  • Daily ICU admissions decreased between Thursday and Friday (374 to 172).
  • New hospitalizations also decreased across the same timeframe. 

TOTAL CASES IN NY: 52,318 / NEW: 7,681 / DEATHS: 728


From Governor Cuomo’s press conference at the Javits Center at 11:30 a.m.

  • Extending the school closures until April 15th, as well as the 180-day mandate waiver.
  • Continuation of distance learning.
  • Additional bed sites / requesting temporary hospital from FEMA, 4,000 more beds over 4 sites:
    • Bronx: NY Expo Center
    • Queens: Aqueduct
    • Brooklyn: Brooklyn Cruise Terminal
    • Staten Island: College of Staten Island
  • Looking at CUNY City College and CUNY Queens College as additional sites.
  • Looking at Marriott Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Center Nursing Home as additional sites.

TOTAL CASES IN NY: 44,635 / NEW: 7,377 / DEATHS: 519

Other Updates

  • Non-essential businesses list grows, adding construction to the list:


  • All non-essential construction must shut down except emergency construction, (e.g. a project necessary to protect the health and safety of the occupants or to continue a project if it would be unsafe to allow to remain undone until it is safe to shut the site).
  • Essential construction may continue and includes roads, bridges, transit facilities, utilities, hospitals or health care facilities, affordable housing, and homeless shelters. At every site, if essential or emergency non-essential construction, this includes maintaining social distance, including for purposes of elevators/meals/entry and exit. Sites that cannot maintain distance and safety best practices must close and enforcement will be provided by the state in coordination with the city/local governments. This will include fines of up to $10,000 per violation.
  • For purposes of this section, construction work does not include a single worker, who is the sole employee/worker on a job site.


  • Massachusetts Governor Baker: starting today, March 27, all travelers arriving to [Massachusetts] are instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days.  They will be given information about this at major transportation hubs. Governor Baker clarified that self-quarantine requests target those coming into major airports and major transportation hubs.


An Open Letter from NYSADSA to Address Concerns & Impact of COVID-19 on the Social Adult Day Care Industry


From Governor Cuomo’s press conference at the Javits Center at 11:30 a.m.

  • Extending the school closures until April 15th, as well as the 180-day mandate waiver.
  • Continuation of distance learning.
  • Additional bed sites / requesting temporary hospital from FEMA, 4,000 more beds over 4 sites:
    • Bronx: NY Expo Center
    • Queens: Aqueduct
    • Brooklyn: Brooklyn Cruise Terminal
    • Staten Island: College of Staten Island
  • Looking at CUNY City College and CUNY Queens College as additional sites.
  • Looking at Marriott Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Center Nursing Home as additional sites.

TOTAL CASES IN NY: 44,635 / NEW: 7,377 / DEATHS: 519

Other Updates

  • Non-essential businesses list grows, adding construction to the list:


  • All non-essential construction must shut down except emergency construction, (e.g. a project necessary to protect the health and safety of the occupants or to continue a project if it would be unsafe to allow to remain undone until it is safe to shut the site).
  • Essential construction may continue and includes roads, bridges, transit facilities, utilities, hospitals or health care facilities, affordable housing, and homeless shelters. At every site, if essential or emergency non-essential construction, this includes maintaining social distance, including for purposes of elevators/meals/entry and exit. Sites that cannot maintain distance and safety best practices must close and enforcement will be provided by the state in coordination with the city/local governments. This will include fines of up to $10,000 per violation.
  • For purposes of this section, construction work does not include a single worker, who is the sole employee/worker on a job site.


  • Massachusetts Governor Baker: starting today, March 27, all travelers arriving to [Massachusetts] are instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days.  They will be given information about this at major transportation hubs. Governor Baker clarified that self-quarantine requests target those coming into major airports and major transportation hubs.

3/26/20 DAILY UPDATE  

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in the Red Room at the NYS Capitol: 

  • Governor scouting additional sites for overflow, 1,000 plus overflow in each of the downstate counties, in addition to simultaneously increasing current facility capacity (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland).
  • Approved splitting of ventilators so that one ventilator can service two people.
  • Converting anesthesia machines into ventilators.
  • Shifting load from downstate hospitals to upstate hospitals, and expanding upstate hospital capacity.
  • Lost revenue estimated between $10B and $15B. 

Federal Stimulus Bill  For a further update on the bill, click here.

  • Unemployment insurance, and small businesses addressed.
  • Does not help governmental losses, Governor described this portion as a failure, and irresponsible.
  • NYS gets $5B; earmarked only for COVID-19 expenses.
  • NYS Does not know how much revenues are down, do not know the forecast for economic activity, nor additional federal response.
  • State will adjust down revenue projections if needed.
  • Adjust the budget through the years to reflect the actual revenue, and adjust spending down accordingly to match the actual revenue. This will be on a yet-to-be determined schedule.  

TOTAL NYS CASES: 37,258 / NEW: 6,400 / DEATHS: 385

  • Spread across the State continues.
  • Medical staff volunteering increased from 40,000 to 52,000 today.
  • Mental Health professionals volunteering increased from 6,175 to 8,600 plus.


Effective March 22, 2020, pursuant to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.8, 100% of the non-essential workforce must work remotely. Click here for the latest information on Essential Business or Entity Designation. 

UPDATE: Guidance for “essential” businesses has been updated on the ESD website and includes additional exempt industries.  


  • If your business is part of an exempt industry/function on the essential list then you do NOT have to submit an application.
  • Even if your business is deemed essential, please take all practical steps to reduce density by allowing remote working and implementing social distancing. 

From NY Empire State Development (ESD)

  • Click here for information on assistance and resources for businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • SBA has approved a statewide disaster declaration for New York. Eligible small businesses may now apply for SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) online at: https://disasterloan.sba.gov/ela.
  • DOL is also reminding businesses of its Shared Work Program that can provide an alternative to laying off employees during business downturns by allowing workers to work a reduced work schedule and collect partial unemployment insurance benefits for up to 26 weeks. Instead of cutting staff, you able to reduce the number of hours of all employees or just a certain group:

NYS is waiving mortgage payments for 90 days for financial hardships

  • No negative reporting to credit bureaus.
  • Grace period for loan modification.
  • No late payment fees or online fees.

NYS is asking all psychologists and therapists willing to volunteer to contact: www.health.ny.gov/assistance (Electronic Help Center) 


Executive Orders Pertaining to the Pandemic & State Government Actions

Empire State Development - Offers a web portal and FAQ page for individuals and businesses with business-related COVID-19 issues and questions.

COVID-19 Community Contact - Your local health department is your community contact for COVID-19 concerns.   

E-Mail COVID-19 Updates from NYS - Sign-up by clicking here

New York State's Coronavirus Website 


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in the Red Room at the NYS Capitol at 11:15 a.m.

  • NYC currently implementing social distancing plan:
    • closing streets to traffic for pedestrian use
    • playground density reduction mandates
    • no close contact sports, such as basketball
    • if not followed, playgrounds will shut down
  • Evidence is showing that the density control plan is working.  The doubling of hospitalization rates is spreading out across more days than earlier in the week
  • As of today, PPE demand is satisfied for the next couple of weeks, but 3 weeks out there will again be a need
  • Federal Government committed 4,000 ventilators (yesterday, the number was 400)S
  • Still working with feds for more ventilators, and still looking into splitting ventilators.  Governor states that they have purchased everything that can be purchased
  • 40,000 responses from "Surge Healthcare Force", the reserve healthcare workforce
  • 6,175 mental health professionals signed up (hotline 1-844-863-9314) to provide services
  • Working with feds to find vendors and using Defense Production Act to maximize production
  • Working with feds on a rolling deployment plan (mentioned yesterday as a request) to meet needs of hot spots as they arise.  Redeployment of equipment and personnel as states needs decline
  • Governor described the $2 Tril. bill as "terrible" for NY. $3.8B for NYS, and $1.3B for NYC.  Told the House to modify the bill.
  • New Cases: 30,811 / NEW: 5,146
    • Westchester has dramatically slowed down
    • 28% of testing in the nation is being done in NY

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

From Governor Cuomo’s press conference at the Javits Center at 11:00 a.m.
Note that we are expecting another press conference later today from Albany

  • Numbers are going up far quicker than expected
  • Apex is forecasted for 5/1, but the curve is increasing, the new apex is forecasted for 14 to 21 days.
  • New projected needed beds are at 140k, with 40k ICU beds (beds with ventilators)
  • NYC expected to have a density reduction plan in place by noon today.
  • Experimental drug trials (Hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax) will start today.
  • DOH still pursuing Plasma Injection as well as Antibody test.
  • Cuomo is speaking with hotel owners to discuss the conversion of locations.  He will use SUNY and CUNY dorms, as well.
  • Experimenting with splitting ventilators in order to cover two people simultaneously.
  • Still pushing feds to use of federal Defense Production Act.  Not using power is inexplicable to Cuomo.
  • The Governor is urging HHS Secretary Azar to release 20,000 ventilators to the State.
  • FEMA is reportedly sending 400 ventilators, but the need is projected to be 30,000.
  • The Governor will take personal responsibility for transporting federal stockpile ventilators to the next region where needed, once state crests over apex. 
  • Governor discussing bringing lower risk people back into the workforce, and recovered people.
  • Ramp up the economy with available workers.  Reiterates that the crisis facing the state today is hospital capacity.
  • NY will be the first to reach the apex, then other states will follow what happened in NY

Monday, March 23, 2020

Governor Cuomo’s press briefing from the Red Room at the NYS Capitol:

Density Control

  • Greatest density control issue is now in NYC; focus on young people
  • Governor Cuomo is working with NYC officials on this, expecting to see a plan today
  • Cuomo will implement NYC density reduction actions in other neighboring counties
  • NY cannot handle a wave at its high point

Executive Orders

  • Today issuing E.O. directing hospitals to increase capacity by 50% at least
  • E.O. all nurses to voluntarily enlist
  • 30,000 responses from retired medical professionals to help

Medical Supplies

  • Continue to be a large concern, we are still competing with other states, driving up costs
  • Feds need to invoke Defense Production act

Hospital Capacity

  • Gov is traveling to NYC today to check status at the Javits center (1,000 beds with ventilators and staffing)

Drug Therapy

  • Tuesday starting hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax drug therapy


  • 25% of all testing nationwide is being produced in NY
  • March 13, State started testing, 16,000 people per day are being tested in NY
  • Total cases in NYS: 20,875 / NEW: 5,707 / 13% hospitalized / DEATHS: 157
  • Numbers will be higher on positive since NY is doing more tests

Moving Forward

  • We must implement NY FORWARD: how do we transition to a restart of the economy, taking into consideration public health policies? How can we account for the vulnerable while keeping healthy people working? NYS has a taskforce working on this separately. 

Sunday, March 22, 2020 - Weekend Updates

New York State Update - March 22, 2020

  • NYS On Pause - Executive Order in effect as of 8:00 p.m. Sunday, March 22, 2020.  Only essential business will be functioning with in-person staff.  100% of the workforce must stay home. Information on Essential Businesses or Entities 
  • Fed has decided to leave quarantine decisions to the states
  • Feds need to nationalize medical supply acquisition
  • States cannot manage this; they’re competing with one another for this equipment
  • Federal Government needs to invoke Defense Production Act, mandating private companies to produce medical supplies (NYS does not have the power to do this)
  • order factories to manufacture masks, gowns, ventilators
  • Feds need to prioritize getting money into the hands of families who need to live
  • Feds need to get money to governments
  • Corporate subsidies (shouldn’t be a gift to corporations at taxpayers’ expense)
  • NYS has 15% more cases than any other state
  • NY received no funding from first COVID-19 bill even though NYS has the greatest need
  • Congress needs to stand up and fight for NY
  • Requesting that Army Corps erect temporary hospitals:
    • Stonybrook, Westbury, Westchester, Javits
    • these campuses have dorms where healthcare staff can stay
    • NYS has approved this measure, from State’s end we could start construction tomorrow
  • FEMA will erect 4 federal hospitals at the Javits center (250 capacity each)
  • FEMA hospitals come with staff and supplies
  • We are ready as soon as federal government is ready to go
  • President signed FEMA emergency declaration (75% federal government/25% state share)
  • NYS is requesting feds to waive the 25% (NY cannot pay this, no State can)
  • NYS has secured 70k hydroxychloroquine and 10k Zithromax and 750k chloroquine (trial tests to start on Tuesday)
  • Feds need to test blood to see if you have antibodies needed to fight the Coronavirus (serological testing)


  • expanding existing hospital capacity (GOAL: 100% expansion)
  • Waiving all NYS regulations to get this done
  • mandate a minimum 50% increase in capacity (DOH order to hospitals)
  • Elective non-critical surgeries are canceled effective Wednesday
  • taking over hotels and nursing homes and repurposing them
  • 18-49 year old’s represent 53% of cases in NY
  • older people and people with underlying illnesses can die from thisneed a plan from NYC leadership in next 24 hours to deal with ongoing density issues
  • Positive cases: 15,168 / New: 4,800 TOTAL /  DEATHS: 114
  • Cortland, Madison, St. Lawrence – NEW CASES
  • 40%-80% will end up getting Coronavirus
  • This is going to be 4,6,9 months (based off China’s experience)

New York State Update - March 21, 2020

Update from Governor Cuomo’s 11:00 a.m. press briefing in the Red Room at the NYS Capitol                     

  • NYS is now ending elective surgeries
  • Building new beds, below are possible (list to be given to Army Corps of Engineers):
    • Javits
    • SUNY Stony Brook
    • SUNY Westbury
    • Westchester Convention Center
  • Governor viewing sites today
  • Ventilators being gathered; identified additional 6,000 ventilators that will be purchased.
  • FEMA assistance to NYS, in 75% payment of cost.  Governor is asking the federal government to waive the 25% state share.
  • State requesting four field hospitals at 250 capacity, Javits - in addition to being a new bed facility.
  • NYS is asking Congressional delegation to modify federal legislation to make eligible for $6 billion in aid.
  • Commissioner Zucker recommends Hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax trial
  • NYS is taking more tests per capita than China or South Korea and more than any other state
  • Rate of Hospitalization: 15% of the cases (down slightly from where it was)
  • Estimates of infection rate range: 40%-80% of population. Slow this rate so the hospitals can deal with it.

NYS is asking all psychologists and therapists willing to volunteer to contact: www.health.ny.gov/assistance(electronic help center)


Contact: coronavirus.health.ny.gov                                                                                                              

March 20, 2020
11:30 a.m.

COVID-19 Updates - Press Conference Ongoing

Updates from the Governor’s Press Conference TODAY (3/20/20) – ongoing

  • Planning to cancel all elective, non-critical surgeries.  Setting date next week.
  • Hospitals instructed to double room capacity (current capacity is 50k).
  • NYS will pay a premium for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Governor asking companies to get creative on production in order to meet PPE needs.  Governor is looking at state production as well.  Governor can not mandate, but will offer financial incentives - Companies to contact State.
  • For Funding to start up PPE Production - 212-803-3100
  • For Sales - 646-522-8477
  • Expansion of hand sanitizer production.
  • Asking closed medical offices to offer their PPE to needed areas.
  • Regulated health facility ordered by DOH to make ventilators.  Will purchase,  but asking for donations call DOH
  • NYS On Pause - Executive Order will be issued today.  Only essential business will be functioning with in-person staff.  100% of the workforce must stay home. Information on Essential Businesses or Entities 
  • Remain inside.  "This is the most drastic action we can take." 
  • Specific Rules for personal conduct of vulnerable people:
    • Remain indoors
    • Go outside for solitary exercise
    • Pre-screen visitors by taking temperature
    • Don't visit households with multiple people
    • All vulnerable people should wear masks when in company of others
    • Everyone in the presence of vulnerable people should wear mask
    • Stay six feet away from others
    • Do not take public transport unless necessary
    • These provisions are legal and will be enforced.  Civil fines and mandatory closure for businesses not in compliance

March 20, 2020
10:45 a.m.

COVID-19 Updates

Good Morning,

On behalf of the NYS Adult Day Services Association, we wanted to put together an update for our members on COVID-19 and the impact on the SADC industry. There is a lot of misinformation circulating right now as the current situation escalates.

Here are the facts:

1) The City of New York and the State of NY have not ordered SADC programs to shut down, contrary to what people are hearing.

However, the DOH issued notice to ACFs and ADHC programs statewide to immediately suspend all adult day health care programs and services.

2) The Governor has issued a series of executive orders including Executive Order 202.7 detailing a 75% in-person workforce reduction as well as additional business closures including personal care services. Read the full order here: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/no-2027-continuing-temporary-suspension-and-modification-laws-relating-disaster-emergency

3) If your program has not voluntarily closed, you must ensure you are following DOH and CDC protocols and guidelines around COVID-19.  

Additional Updates:

The NYSDOH does not at this time have further clarification or guidance for SADC industry.

NYSADSA urges those programs that have the means to contact the MLTC’s they have contracts with to come to some agreement for continued payment for some of the services that you continue to provide. We are aware that Village Care Max id trying to work with programs to continue meals to their members that attend social day.

Also, please be on the lookout for communication from NYSADSA, we are compiling daily briefings and e-blasting them out to our lists as well as posting them on the Association’s website. Any information we receive from the State will be e-blasted out and posted in a timely manner.

We urge everyone to take all precautions possible to ensure your safety and the safety of program participants.

New from Empire State Development (ESD):

Businesses unsure if they are included within in exempt categories but still believe they are providing essential services or functions can request a waiver from these reductions by completing this form:


REMINDER: To help keep up with the quickly changing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, below are some important resources related to the economic impacts for businesses and workers…

  • NEW: SBA has approved a statewide disaster declaration for New York. Eligible small businesses may now apply for SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) online at:
  • Many businesses and organizations have expressed a desire to support New York State as it responds to the virus outbreak. Individuals or groups looking to volunteer or contribute to the State’s effort should contact the Governor’s Office at [email protected].
  • DOL has been working hard to keep up with the new demand for Unemployment Insurance and has instituted new rules that include extended ours and restrictions about when to file based on your last name:
  • DOL is also reminding businesses of its Shared Work Program that can provide an alternative to laying off employees during business downturns by allowing workers to work a reduced work schedule and collect partial unemployment insurance benefits for up to 26 weeks. Instead of cutting staff, you able to reduce the number of hours of all employees or just a certain group:

 Additional Resources:

-Visit the CDC website for the latest updates: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

-NYS DOH: https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/home

-Information for people who are at higher risk: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/specific-groups/high-risk-complications.html

-Guidance for homecare and caregivers: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/guidance-home-care.html

-5 steps to prepare for COVID-19: https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/home

NYS Updates

  • All barbershops, hair salons, tattoo or piercing salons, nail salons, hair removal services and related personal care services will be closed to the public effective Saturday, March 21 at 8:00PM.
  • Governor Cuomo signed an executive order mandating businesses that rely on in-office personnel to decrease their in-office workforce by 75%.
  • Exemptions from the order will include shipping, media, warehousing, grocery and food production, pharmacies, healthcare providers, utilities, banks and related financial institutions.
  • The Department of Financial Services has issued a new directive to New York State mortgage servicers to provide 90-day mortgage relief to mortgage borrowers impacted by the novel coronavirus.
  • Retail shopping malls, amusement parks and bowling alleys to close by 8 PM Thursday in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.
  • Governor Cuomo signed the bill guaranteeing job protection and pay for New Yorkers who have been quarantined as a result of novel coronavirus.
  • Governor Cuomo signed an executive order directing all schools in New York to close by Wednesday, March 18 for two weeks ending April 1.
  • Casinos, gyms, theaters are closed until further notice. Bars and restaurants are closed, but takeout can be ordered during the period of closure.
  • New York State is waiving all park fees in state, local and county parks.
  • Testing is free for all eligible New Yorkers as ordered by a health care provider.
  • Your local health department is your community contact for COVID-19 concerns.  

March 19, 2020

COVID-19 Business Resources

To help keep up with the quickly changing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, below are some important resources related to the economic impacts for businesses and workers:


For Immediate Release: 3/18/2020




See here for a photo of the USNS Comfort

Issues Executive Order Directing Non-Essential Businesses to Implement Work from Home Policies Effective Friday, March 20

Businesses that Require In-Office Personnel Must Decrease In-Office Workforce by 50 Percent

Exceptions Made for Essential Services — Including Shipping Industry, Warehouses, Grocery and Food Production, Pharmacies, Media, Banks and Related Financial Institutions, and Businesses Essential to Supply Chain

Confirms 1,008 Additional Coronavirus Cases in New York State - Bringing Statewide Total to 2,382; New Cases in 20 Counties 

Governor Meeting Today with Army Corp of Engineers to Discuss Hospital Surge Capacity 

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the USNS Comfort will be deployed to New York harbor and is expected to arrive in April. The 1,000-bed hospital ship has 12 fully-equipped operating rooms and will significantly increase New York's hospital surge capacity. The Governor is meeting with leadership of the Army Corp of Engineers today to discuss ways to increase hospital capacity in New York.

The Governor also announced he will issue an executive order directing non-essential businesses to implement work-from-home policies effective Friday, March 20. Businesses that rely on in-office personnel must decrease their in-office workforce by 50 percent. The executive order exempts essential service industries, including shipping, media, warehousing, grocery and food production, pharmacies, healthcare providers, utilities, banks and related financial institutions, and other industries critical to the supply chain. 

"We are fighting a war against this pandemic and we know that two of the most effective ways to stop it is by reducing density and increasing our hospital capacity so our healthcare system is not overwhelmed," Governor Cuomo said. "The deployment of the USNS Comfort to New York is an extraordinary but necessary step to help ensure our state has the capacity to handle an influx of patients with COVID-19 and continue our efforts to contain the virus. Partnering with the private sector to require nonessential employees to work from home will also go a long way toward bending the curve. My number one priority is protecting the public health so that a wave of new cases doesn't crash our hospital system, and we will continue taking any action necessary to achieve that goal." 

Finally, the Governor confirmed 1,008 additional cases of novel coronavirus, bringing the statewide total to 2,382 confirmed cases in New York State. Of the 2,382 total individuals who tested positive for the virus, the geographic breakdown is as follows:

Albany County: 36 (13 new)

Allegany County: 2

Broome County: 1

Chenango County: 1 (1 new)

Clinton County: 1

Delaware County: 1

Dutchess County: 20 (4 new)

Erie County: 7

Essex County: 1 (1 new)

Greene County: 2

Hamilton County: 1 (1 new)

Herkimer County: 1

Monroe County: 14  (4 new)

Montgomery County: 2 (1 new)

Nassau County: 183 (52 new)

New York City: 1339 (695 new)

Onondaga County: 2

Ontario County: 1

Orange County: 32 (17 new)

Putnam County: 2

Rensselaer County: 4 (3 new)

Rockland County: 30 (8 new)

Saratoga County: 14 (5 new)

Schenectady County: 14 (9 new)

Suffolk County: 116 (32 new)

Sullivan County: 1

Tioga County: 1

Tompkins County: 3 (1 new)

Ulster  County: 9 (1 new)

Warren County: 1 (1 new)

Washington County: 1 (1 new)

Westchester County: 538 (158 new)

Wyoming County: 1

On Monday, Governor Cuomo directed nonessential state employees statewide to work from home. The Governor also directed local governments to reduce their overall workforce by 50 percent and allow nonessential employees to work from home.

Also on Monday, Governor Cuomo, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced a regional approach to combating the novel coronavirus - or COVID-19 - throughout the tri-state area. These uniform standards limited crowd capacity for social and recreational gatherings to 50 people, and required restaurants and bars to close on premise service and move to take-out and delivery services only. The three governors also temporarily closed movie theaters, gyms and casinos.


Additional news available at www.governor.ny.gov

New York State | Executive Chamber | [email protected] | 518.474.8418

Governor Cuomo Press Conference - 3/18/20

  • need to flatten the curve via density reduction and testing

  • increase current hospital capacity

  • Identify new hospital beds (we can do this in NY over the next 45 days)
  • Waive DOH regs in order to increase bed capacity in existing hospitals
  • Convert facilities take current hospitalizations and move to the converted facilities
  • a federal partnership is key
  • President is sending USNS Comfort, it has 1,000 rooms on it with operating rooms
  • set up mobile hospitals with 200ish people
  • NY will expedite cites of these hospitals
  • 7 billion dollar hit may require cut in spending
  • Now is not the time to tell NYers that the State is raising taxes
  • There is a cluster in Nassau now
  • Regarding the State Budget, all policy items are on the table, per the Governor


  • Voluntary work from home – Governor emphasized this
  • PA is joining the tri-state coalition for density reduction purposes
  • no more than 50% of workforce can leave homes except essential services (food, pharmacies, shipping, supplies, healthcare)


  • 2,382 (1,008 NEW)
  • Hospitalizations – 549 of 2,382 (23%) this has gone up


President Trump Press Conference

  • $250 billion in direct payments to Americans starting April 6, with another $250 billion round on May 18.
  • $200 billion in industry aid. As part of that, the airline sector would see $50 billion in loans, with conditions on executive pay and service requirements.
  • invoking defense production act, Trump is signing today
  • non-essential US travel to Canada is closed
  • HUD is suspending foreclosures & through April
  • Looking into self-swab options for testing, would free up a lot of health officials
  • expecting second news conference today or tomorrow on FDA developments
  • president hosting conference call tomorrow with all of the Governors and FEMA
  • HHS issuing regulations today to allow doctors and nurses to practice across state lines
  • limit non-essential and elective surgeries 


  • It is uncertain at this point whether the legislature will remain in Albany to do the full Budget
  • Expanded Paid sick leave bill is expected to pass in the legislature today (S8090/A10152)
  • Debt Services bill (first Budget bill) will be taken up by the Senate today (S7502/A9502)

March 17, 2020


Tuesday, March 17, 2020 - Albany Update


From Governor Cuomo


  • Testing is up
  • Tri-State containment strategy
  • Local governments need to check with DOH before putting out new Rules
  • No plans to quarantine any city at this point, including NYC (though the Mayor seemed to contradict this earlier today in his presser)
  • Expert projections show a range of spread
  • Expected peak in 45 days
  • Expecting 55,000-110,000 hospital beds needed in NY, there are currently only 53,000
  • 18,000-38,000 ICU beds will be needed for acutely ill, seniors, underlying illness
  • Effective immediately, NYers with student debt, medical debt * other state-referred debt will have payments frozen for at least 30 days per Governor and AG




  • Reduce density, more closings, coordinate with regional states
  • Only things left open in Italy were grocery stores and pharmacies, we may get there
  • Numbers still growing




  • Cuomo meeting today with all of the hospital administrators (Dowling/Raske managing)
  • Need more hospital staff (asking former nurses and doctors, nursing school student)
  • Need temporary hospital facilities
  • Opening Suffolk, Rockland, Staten Island testing offices
  • Sending Paid Family Leave bill to the legislature today - there is a three-way agreement


Governor has been in touch with the President, hospital capacity is biggest concern.


"Is this 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, I don't know" - Governor Cuomo


Press Q&A


Presidential Primary - April 28 - no thoughts about changing this date yet


Day Care - right now most centers remain open, depends on sizes of daycare and if there are positive cases


NYS has 4,000 ventilators available now and looking into getting more


##Federal Update


Coronavirus cases near 4,500
Feds are working on getting small businesses support and flexibility that they need for them and their workers
Feds would like to send checks to Americans immediately, likely by the end of April
Trump praised Governor Cuomo indicating they are on the same page
Feds are getting FEMA involved and Army Corps of Engineers


The NYS Budget (April 1 deadline)


Comptroller DiNapoli released new revenue projections as directed by Governor Cuomo


The Legislature


The Senate and Assembly are expected to convene for session tomorrow, 3/18/2020 at noon. The Capitol continues to be closed to the public. They will take up a paid family leave bill.


The Governor announced a three-way agreement on paid sick leave



March 16, 2020

Updates from 11:00 a.m. briefing - NYS Governor's Office

  • The situation is accelerating, the numbers are accelerating
  • No Federal Leadership
  • No Gatherings of 50 or more
  • Casinos, Gyms, Theatres - closed until further notice effective 8:00 p.m.
  • Waiving Fees for all NYS Parks
  • All Local governments must reduce workforce by 50%
  • SLA expected to have guidance on take-out (alcohol) for bars and restaurants by 5pm)
  • Strongly advise that only essential services are open after 8:00 p.m.
    • Groceries, Gas, Pharmacies, Medical Facilities

Plan Moving Forward for New York State:

  • Moving toward mitigating phase
  • Expecting significant inflow to hospital systems
  • Requesting use of army corps of engineers to expand hospital capacity
  • We know what lies ahead looking at the numbers from China, South Korea, and Italy, need serious action now
  • State will mobilize to create back up medical facilities, working with construction unions, private developers and national guard to use exiting facilities to adapt to medical ones
  • Asking local governments to identify facilities that could be converted
  • May soon cancel elective surgeries
  • 950 cases, 221 new
  • NY is #1 in country with the most cases.

March 13, 2020

Dear NYSADSA Members & Social Adult Day Providers:

In an effort to keep all Social Adult Day Providers and supporters up to date on information surrounding COVID-19, we will be sending informational emails to you.

We are also developing a guideline for Best Practice Policies from NYSADSA for your programs.  This guideline will include: illness policies, communicable disease policies, a recommended cleaning schedule, and any business relief information as it becomes available.  

Small Business Association Coronavirus Relief Information - As many of our members and program owners are small business owners, we wanted to share this information for disaster relief amid the National Emergency.

Please know that we are making every effort to contact the state regarding relief for providers and will continue to share information as it is available.

Following are some useful reminders to help reduce your risk:

  • Wash your hands - frequently and thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 50-95% alcohol
  • If you don't have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve/elbow, not your hands
  • Put your used tissue in a wastebasket immediately after use
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Keep your work environment clean, using basic cleaning and disinfecting products when necessary.

These resources offer the most accurate and up-to-date information about the novel coronavirus outbreak, for consumers and health professionals alike.

Thank you.

Any questions? Please contact the NYSADSA office at [email protected] 

Opinion: Open the Door Wider to Social Adult Day Care

by Yvonne Ward, NYSADSA Secretary

In New York City, the Social Adult Day Care (SADC) program has evolved into a lifeline for many elderly immigrants with chronic disease. Why aren’t we using it more?

Register for Upcoming Sessions of the NY DOH Person-Centered Planning Training I

Registration is open for September and October sessions of the New York State Department of Health’s Person-Centered Planning Comprehensive System Transformation Statewide Training Initiative*! Please follow the link below to learn more about the initiative and to see available Regional Training sessions.

nydohpcptraining.com/events(please share this link with your contacts too!)

In addition to the sessions available now, we’ll also be adding even more Fall 2019 sessions (for all regions of New York State) in the coming weeks. We hope you and your colleagues, stakeholders, and friends will be able to participate in this important initiative!

If you have any questions about the initiative or the registration process, please email us at [email protected].


NY DOH PCP Statewide Training Initiative

[email protected]

*About the Person-Centered Planning Comprehensive System Transformation Statewide Training Initiative

This training initiative is funded by the Department of Health to support best practices and compliance in Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)-compliant person-centered planning throughout the State. The initiative consists of an extensive series of Regional Trainings and Learning Institutes held across the State in 2019 and 2020, at no cost to participants. The focus of the training and institutes will be to grow person-centered thinking, planning, and practice capacity in HCBS covered service systems in the State. Our objective is to further support comprehensive system transformation – in the context of HCBS Final Rule compliance in person-centered practice implementation – for the State of New York.

Heat Advisory Information

July 18, 2019

Health Advisory: Adverse Health Effects from Extreme Temperatures and Moderate Humidity Across New York State

Please read this information to ensure you are taking all measure to ensure the health and safety of your participants during the summer heat.

Health Advisory - Extreme Heat Precautions 

New Publication on Dementia, Caregiving and Transportation

Dear ADSSP and ADI-SSS Grantees and Collaborative Partners:

We'd like to make you aware of a new publication from the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center titled Dementia, Caregiving and Transportation. The publication can be accessed at http://www.nadtc.org/wp-content/uploads/Dementia_Caregiving_and_Transportation.pdf. You may find this publication useful in your respective grant projects.

The publication provides transportation tips for caregivers, information on types of transportation available, dementia-friendly tips for transit drivers, items to include in a travel kit, destination cards that can be tailored for each traveler, and a list of resources.

Thank you,

National Alzheimer's and Dementia Resource Center

New Learning Modules for Dementia Caregivers

Dear Grantees and Community Partners:

We wanted to make you aware of a new resource available.

New learning modules for dementia caregivers
The Health Resources Services Administration has released eleven new learning modules as a supplemental resource to the Agency's Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia's Training Curriculum that trains the primary care workforces about dementia care and helps providers address caregiver needs. Four are aimed at providers, with seven for unpaid caregivers. These are a wonderful resource for CMS beneficiaries and their families and caregivers. Check out the new learning modules!

-National Alzheimer's and Dementia Resources Center