Foundations for Success: Launching Your Social Adult Day Care Program

Date: May 1, 2024

Session Description:

Opening a Social Adult Day Care (SADC) program can be both rewarding and challenging. This webinar is crafted to provide prospective providers with the knowledge and tools needed to plan a successful SADC under New York State’s guidelines and regulations. Whether you are at the idea stage or are ready to initiate operations, this session will offer practical insights and step-by-step guidance.

Training Objectives:

  • Understanding the SADC Landscape: Gain an in-depth overview of what SADC programs entail, including the types of services typically offered and the needs they address.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Explore key regulations that govern SADC operations in New York State, focusing on registration, funding, and compliance with local and state standards.
  • Facility Setup and Safety: Learn how to choose a suitable location, design your space for safety and efficiency, and consider all necessary building and safety codes.
  • Program Planning: Develop robust operational, staffing, and emergency preparedness plans that align with state requirements and best practices.
  • Financial Planning and Management: Understand the financial aspects of running an SADC, including budgeting, pricing, funding sources, and insurance needs.
Key Topics:
  1. Certification: Detailed guidance on the process of certification with the New York State Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) and other relevant authorities.
  2. Staffing Essentials: How to hire qualified staff, understand staff-to-participant ratios, and develop training programs to ensure quality care.
  3. Program Development: Crafting a participant-centered approach that includes eligibility assessments, personalized care plans, and engaging activity schedules.
  4. Marketing and Community Engagement: Strategies to effectively market your SADC to the community and build partnerships with local health care providers and other stakeholders.


  • Yvonne Ward, Past Vice President of Policy, New York State Adult Day Services Association
  • Tammy Ryan, Vice President of Programming, New York State Adult Day Services Association
  • Andrew D. Grossman, Esq., Partner, Rha Kim Grossman & McIlwain, LLP