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Part 1: NYSOFA Regulations Overview

Part 2: Focus on Rules & Regulations for Service Plans

Part 3: ADS Building Blocks

Part 4: Elder Abuse: It's Not Just Broken Bones

Part 5: Nutrition in SADC
**This webinar is a pre-requisite to attend the Live NYC Nutrition Trainings**

Nutrition Webinar Powerpoint

Part 6: Emergency Preparedness in SADC

Part 7: Annual Requirements for Social Adult Day Services (SADS) (a recording of this webinar will be available on March 15, 2019)

Part 8: Eligibility, Assessment and Care Planning: Critical First Steps (to be held March 22, 2019 at 1:00 p.m.)


SADS Regulations Information

Social Adult Regulations in NYS
Nutrition Requirements Checklist
Current CACFP Adult Meal Pattern (effective October 1, 2017)
CACFP Program Information
CACFP Flyer - English
Article 81 of the NYC Health Code: Food Preparation & Food Establishments
NYC Local Law 9
Revised ADA Requirements: Wheelchairs, Mobility Aids, and other Power-Driven Mobility Devices
Revised ADA Requirements: Effective Communication
Minimum Data Set
SADC Eligibility Requirements
NYC Social Day Programs Only - Register Your Program With DFTA!
(This is required for all programs in the 5 boroughs that do not have funding through NYSOFA)


MLTC Information

All Social Adult Day Programs that contract with or plan to contract with an MLTC must complete the OMIG Certification

New York State MLTC Plan Directory

Social Adult Day Care Certification


Program Design

Planning and Creating a Social Adult Day Program
Culture Change

The ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center is pleased to share with you this updated consumer guide to respite, and other products and resources as they become available.  Please find the guide here: ABCs of Respite

For additional respite resources, please visit: https://archrespite.org/productspublications

Preparing Your Home for Someone with Alzheimer's Disease



Care Plan Template
Compass Instructions
Compass Form

NYSADSA Policy and Procedures Template

Available for purchase Here
(must be a NYSADSA member to purchase)

Additional Resources Available

Therapy Working Dog Report
Additional Resources
Services for People with Chronic Conditions
Mesothelioma Information




Social Adult Day Services Information 

The New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) contracts with the New York State Adult Day Services Association to provide technical assistance to managed care organizations, providers of social adult day services and those interested in starting an adult day services program. 

NYSOFA and the Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs- located in counties) do not provide technical assistance to individuals or groups who want to start a social adult day services program.  Please contact  Victoria Palasieski, NYSADSA Administrator at 518-694-5366 or [email protected]